Thursday, June 21, 2012

15 months - goodbye ridge hello summer

A new chair in our new home!
Each month it amazes me how fast time goes by.  Gavin continues to grow with each moment.  He is beginning to recognize and repeat familiar words and uses them to communicate with us.  He loves balls of any sort and will retrieve them and throw back and forth which is so much fun in our new yard!    He is also using some basic signs such as "all done", "more", and "no" which is also helpful :)  He continues to run but is quiet clumsy at times and has some bruises to show for it.  Right now he has 10 teeth we are still waiting for those lower molars to come in...they are the worst the molars.

This month Gavin's big brother Brandon came to visit!  It was so nice to spend some time with him and for him to see how big Gavin has grown.  He also got to spend some time with little Patrick which was fun for him.  His dad was very sad to see him  go...I hope he comes to visit again soon!

the boys 
brandon & patrick
Now that we are pretty settled in our new home Gavin has had multiple opportunities to play in the yard which he loves.  He could spend all day out there.  We have a water table and a slide he enjoys, as well as his fascination with the bell on the shed and picking flowers.  He is so cute when he offers clovers for me to smell and gives me that big smile!

Gavin and Ridge  
Love these boys!
Sadly this was our last week of watching Ridge while his mom and dad our at work.  We are super excited for him to have his mom all to himself now, but we also loved spending time with him.  Gavin and Ridge are best buds.  

This was my final week of work for the summer and I am so excited to be able to spend my days with Gavin, and Chad will be home for dinners which will make it so nice.  While I was finishing up in my classroom Chad took some cute photos of Gavin outside playing.  I heart them!

This week we also spent some time with Auntie Elissa and Patrick taking field trips to the Children's Museum and walks to the beach to play on the swings.  We are so lucky that they will have the opportunity to grow and share together!  This picture is so special...amazing how big a year can make!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

fourteen and a half months - if your happy and you know it clap your hands

Carousel ride with Auntie Elissa and Patrick
Last week Gavin and I ventured out with Auntie Elissa and Patrick for a fun filled day in the sun.  We wandered around some beautiful gardens, took a carousel ride, and played in some water.  Gavin was not a big fan of the Carousel ride.  Our attempt to put him on a horse was no good :(  I did manage to hold him on a bench though he clutched to me the entire time.  By far his favorite part of the day was playing in the water and mud....big surprise!

This week we also finished our big move to our new home!!!  It was a lot of work and we are still living in boxes.  Some amazing friends helped us out and we would not be here without them :)  You know who you are!!!!  Thank you soooo much!  During the days of the big move Jessie and I took Gavin and Ridge to BJ's for some shopping.  She got this amazing video of them.  They are the best! Just click on the photo to see it on YouTube :)

We are looking forward to taking some photos of Gavin in his new home once we get settled!  It is so amazing to watch him explore all the new space he has.  Though I must said it has led to more and more climbing.  He is also beginning his journey to exploring the yard which is a new concept.  I cannot believe what a big boy he has become.  In closing a photo of him enjoying his new tub!  We are so excited to have a real tubby...YAY!