Tuesday, September 27, 2011

week twenty seven - art to wear, art to share

This is the blanket I was first put in at the hospital!

This week Gavin graduated into a nine month old onesie for his weekly photo!  Goah...another week has flown by!  I cannot believe that Gavin is six months old.  It seems like only yesterday he was a little 5 pound bundle...it is hard not to be a bit teary about it!  Recently he has begun to start exploring with moving on his belly.  He is maneuvering himself to acquire objects and also has begun to reach for us to pick him up. I look forward to the next six with him.

This week Gavin spent some time with Zoe and Kelly on Tuesday playing.  On Thursday, Busia spent the day with Gavin and created a handprint for his bedroom.  So cute!
Gavin and Busia!

An ultrasound collage!
 Another new addition to his bedroom is some amazing art by Lysa Benton a very close friend.  She is absolutely amazing! 

This week we also started going through his clothes to pack away some of the smaller stuff.  While I was organizing I found some of Busia's creations and dressed Gavin up for some fun photos.  We even took a walk to show off his fancy attire for some friends.  Including Auntie Elissa of course :)

Over the weekend we finally bought a big bed for those nights that Gavin snuggles with us.  It is so nice to have lots of room.  We also have some new snuggly sheets and blankets.  It is so comfy :)  Over the weekend Alan and I took a 10 mile bike ride and Gavin played at Busia and Pop's.  He loves their indoor swing and also a new exosaucer from a close friend.  We also got to enjoy a date night while Phoebe and Gavin spent some time together.  Here is one last favorite of mine...love batman :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

week twenty six - outdoor swings inside

One of my childhood blankets....ho ho ho green giant!
This week Gavin has mastered the art of rolling consecutively to get to something he wants.  It is amazing how fast he can get from one side of the room to the other.  While taking this weeks photo he kept rolling and managed to tangle himself up like a burrito.  It was very cute!  At one point he rolled over to the chair and contemplated scaling it.  Lucky for me he only reached out and grabbed it and didn't pull up!

We have also started to feed Gavin solids at night as well as in the morning.  He really enjoys them...and lets you know if you don't feed it to him fast enough lol!  I need to remember to video him cause it is quiet comical.  This week I also started going through some of his clothes that may fit him now.  He fits comfortably in 9 month clothes.  I found a snowsuit I bought for him when I was pregnant.  I thought it would be perfect for the winter.  Though it fits him perfect now and I don't think it is snowing anytime soon...lol!  Also dressed Gavin up in a Halloween costume passed down by a friend of ours.  It's a newborn size so a bit small but sooo cute!

This week was busy.  Gavin is adjusting to his new schedule with Alan in the morning and me in the afternoons.  It is so nice that he has special time with us both!  On Monday we had a playdate with Katie, Trevor, Jen, and Mason.  It was nice to play with some babies since we can no longer make group on Tuesdays.  We also saw Carrie and Will on a walk.  We hope to make some more playdates soon!  

On Tuesday Gavin spent some time with Kelly and Zoe who will be spending some Tuesdays with Gavin, we hope to take some photos next week...this week I was really not on the ball with photo taking lol! The rest of the week was rather uneventful.  On Friday Phoebe and her doggie Beth took a 5 mile walk with us on the bikepath.  It was a beautiful day!  Afterwards we all ate dinner together.  It was so nice to spend some time this week with all our friends.  

Over the weekend we were moving some stuff out of a storage unit and Busia and Pop watched Gavin.  He had a blast with them! They installed a swing in the house and Gavin lovvvved it :)  I caught some super cute photos of him on it!  Lucky for the Patriots he was sporting his football attire :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

week twenty five - raspberries are the best

Gavin's new Aden and Anais blanket!
Going back to work has made the weeks fly by!  I am so happy that I am home with Gavin most of the afternoons during the week.  It is hard enough being away but every day all day would be so tough.  This week Gavin spent most of his afternoons playing inside with me due to all the rain we got.  This also meant we took a bunch of photos :)  It was so nice on Thursday and Friday afternoon to see some glimpses of the sun and take a few walks outside.  
Gavin's new shirt from his cousin Michele!

This week Gavin has been love love loving the jumper and can't seem to get enough.  He just loves to jump and has so much energy. One would think that this would cause him to sleep more but nope instead he is sleeping less lol.  His nights have been getting shorter for sure and most times I will find him and his dad sleeping on the couch together in the morning.   

He has also become more aware of his surroundings and will roll to get to something he wants...like a toy.  He is continuing to have one solid meal a day...prunes still seem to be a favorite  :)  He is also been teething like crazy...this week his favorite teether is the raspberry paci Busia got him!

On Tuesday he spent some time with Pop and Busia.  Pop is working hard on getting Gavin to say his name first lol.  We will see.  Over the weekend Gavin's Uncle Mark and Aunt Linda came to visit him.  This was the first time Uncle Mark got to see Gavin awake :)  It was a happy occasion.  

Monday, September 5, 2011

twenty four weeks - red soxs vs yankees

Gavin's new shower curtain :)

This week I started back up at work so it was an exciting yet sad week for me!  Though I am working part time so I do get to spend the afternoons with Gavin..yay!  This week Gavin is starting to hold his bottle for extended periods.  He is also rolling more frequently from back to belly...but only when he wants something!  We are still experimenting with foods and found that bananas may not agree with his tummy.  You have to be careful now cause everything goes in his mouth.  The other day he severed one of his octopuses legs off :( poor octopus.  He also cannot be trusted on any apparatus without being strapped in.  I imagine as he starts to try to sit up on his own more he will be into EVERYTHING! 

This week we put together Gavin's new space saver highchair and sold his older one sadly....he was just too big for it LOL.  It did go to a nice family however who is expecting a little lady soon.

On Wednesday and Thursday his Busia watched him while we were at work.  They played in the pool and did a bunch of fun things together.  Gavin loves his Busia.  Alan went to visit his family on Saturday  and I attended a baby shower while Gavin played with Jessie and Roderick.  That evening Gavin and I visited Pop and Busia.  On Sunday morning we ate breakfast with Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim.

Gavin and Hippo 

Boston Red Sox Fan with Auntie Elissa
(though momma loves the Yankees!)

Love my Uncle Tim!
That afternoon Gavin and I took a walk and grocery shopped.  We are picking up Dad tomorrow!!!  Another big adventure to the aeropuerto :)  Here is a picture of Gavin in his new stroller we purchased on craigslist....I love it cause I can see him while I push him :)  

To end this installation here is a video of Gavin and a rattle lol