Tuesday, November 29, 2011

thirty six weeks - our little turkey crawls

A blanket from my great grandma's house!
I wonder who knitted it?

Happy First Turkey Day Gavin!!!  
What a fun week this was for the family.  On Wednesday Gavin decided he was ready to crawl.  Alan and I were hanging out in the living room and he just went!  It was awesome!!!  We are so excited for him.  Already we can tell that he is happy with his new skill...less growling and more exploring.  Here is his first video crawling for his Auntie Elissa!

On Wednesday night we left for a long trip to New York to visit family for the holidays.  We stayed at my grandmother's house.  Gavin enjoyed testing his new crawling on her floor!  His favorite was a mirror my Grandmother has in her bedroom.  It was just at the right level!
Gavin's First Encounter
Gavin playing in Grandma's sink :)
Here is crawling part II...wonders who he thinks that baby is?

On Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of my cousins and Gavin's cousins.  We also got to see Aunt Rene, Michele, Gina, and Michael. Gavin tasted his first turkey and mashed taters.  He seemed to really enjoy them. A big Thank You to all the amazing Vogel's that hosted.  We had a blast! Look for more photos to come...
Cousin Carrie feeding Gavin his first turkey and taters!
Gavin in his Thanksgiving attire!
On Friday Aunt Rene and the ladies watched Gavin while Alan and I spent the day in the city exploring.  It was Alan's first time on foot so there was lots to do and not much time.  We walked for what seemed like miles and miles.  It was a great time!
A piece of the big apple
While we were gone Gavin got his first BIG BOY hair cut from his Aunt!  He looks so cute :)  He also had some cheerios :) Still waiting on some photos of the big haircut....I'll post them as soon as she sends them :)

On Saturday we headed back home but stopped along the way to visit Ruthie, Adin and Ty.  Gavin had such a nice time visiting with them.  Here a a photo from then and now :)  They also gave us a great collection of clothes and toys for Gavin to use.  Thank you so much!!!

Sunday Gavin spent some time with Busia and Pop.  They had so much fun swinging in the outdoor indoor swing lol.  We all ate dinner together that night and Busia made Gavin some sweet potato.  He is growing so fast eating all this food.  What happened to the little baby we once had?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

week thirty five - sweet taters are yummy

This big boy checkerboard was passed to us from our good friend Moira!
One day we will teach Gavin how to play for know he just likes  to chew it :)

Today Gavin turned exactly eight months old!!! How exciting :)  He continues his quest to crawl and has begun to maneuver himself backwards to acquire things he wants.  His fascination with technology is beginning to bloom.  Often you can find him trying to play on our laptops.  He is attracted to the screen and the noises the keys make.  

This week he spent some time with Zoe, Kelly, and Zoe's grandma.  It is so great to see them grow together.  In addition, he had multiple opportunities to have photos taken.  On Wednesday Ryan Webber from www.webberdigital.com came to take some photos of Gavin.  It was great to watch him interact with the  camera....such a ham :)  Also on Saturday he had the opportunity to get photographed by Kate from kml photography during a mini session held at a local press company.  You can check out her blog at http://www.kmlphotography.net/.  We anxiously await photos YAY!  

Also on Saturday, Alan and I took Gavin out to his first restaurant as a big boy.  He even got the chance to sample some of their yummy sweet potato fries.  Though he made some interesting faces, we determined he does like them.

On Sunday, Gavin spent the day with Busia and Pop while Alan and I got to take a long walk and eat some yummy food!  Busia is trying to teach him how to play the piano at a young age.  He prefers to bang it and knock it over lol.  One day maybe he will write his own music...you never know.  

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

thirty four weeks - big shark small hedgehog

Another beach towel from the closet...missing summer!
It becomes harder and harder to keep Gavin on the blankets lol

This week Gavin has been exploring with his voice.  Creating screeches and babbles that only he understands.  He is aware that he can make his voice loud and soft...I think he prefers to be loud lol!  On Monday and Wednesday he spent some time with Busia and Pop.  Busia bought him a new very large stuffed toy shark, which I must admit I enjoy!  Here are some cute photos of Gavin with his new friend.  I look forward to the day he decides to ride it :)

Showing off their teeth!
On Tuesday Gavin spent some time with Zoe, Kelly, and Zoe's Grandma.  What fun!  Gavin really enjoyed playing with Zoe's toys.  I think it may be time to search for some "big boy" toys.  

Auntie Elissa also spent sometime visiting with us this weekend.  Gavin enjoyed playing with her stuffed hedgehog that she is waiting to share with her little one we are expecting in February.  Here is a cute video of Gavin's first encounter. 

This was a long weekend and it seemed to fly by.  Alan and I got to spend some time eating a yummy lunch on Friday.  Saturday I had a shower and Gavin spent the day with his daddy playing.  Sunday we all took a family trip up to the mall to get some new tires on the car and do some clothing shopping.  We did happen to see the Santa set-up getting all ready.  YAY!  Look forward to bringing Gavin to meet "Santa" soon!  Here is a shot of Gavin and I checking out the goods.  He enjoyed the lights and sparkles. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

thirty three weeks - bye red sox & hello knees

An old summer table cloth from the closet!
This was the first week it was hard to photograph the wiggle worm :)
I can't believe it is November...where has the time gone!  Gavin is growing by the minute.  This week he took his first attempt at crawling.  Unfortunately, he took a digger but he continues to try each day.  YAY Gavin!  He has also been making this really silly sound with his fist rubbing against his mouth.  It almost sounds like mama but totally accidental.  I am going to try and video tape him if I can.

Alan has been starting this really cute thing of sending me video at work of Gavin!  I love them.  He even sent me one of him attempting to crawl...getting up on all fours was new much less going for it!
Gavin getting ready!
Here is a super cute video of Gavin attempting puffs!  
Hummmm....I guess he won't be a spokes-baby for them...lol

Monday, Busia took a ride with us out to Target to buy some supplies.  She bought Gavin a new winter hat which even scares me lol.  Yes it is a lion...and she also got him some new fun blocks that he is enjoying :)  

On Wednesday Dylan and Trevor came over to play with their mommies.  It was so nice to catch up and let the boys play together.  Gosh it seems like so much time has passed.  Dylan is already walking and scaling objects in the house.  It allowed me to get accustomed to the future of walking Gavin!  
Dylan & Gavin

Dylan trying to plug a block into Gavin!

Gavin giving kisses to his long lost friend that Dylan was borrowing.

Trevor enjoying the bouncer!

Gavin asking Dylan to get him out of that walker.
On Thursday Gavin and I started to go through some clothes of his that he no longer fits in.  It never ceases to amaze me how fast he grows!  We are so lucky to have some friends who have passed down clothes to him.  This time we are passing down two Red Sox outfits to Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim to share with their little one...he will either be a Patrick or a Joshua!  Here are some photos of Gavin's last romp in them :)

Busia and Pop came over on Friday to spend some time with Gavin while I was doing some extra work at school.  He also got to spend the day with them on Sunday while Alan and I took a bike ride together.  

Saturday Gavin and I joined Phoebe, Jessie and Ridge at the local craft fair where some of our friends had a booth of homemade goodies.  It was so great to see them and check out their new creations.  Gavin choose a Sophie blanket (also known as a mother's helper) to keep his giraffe close by.  

You can check out their other great products on their Etsy sites.