Monday, August 29, 2011

week twenty three - boys can sport baby legs too

Thank you Busia for another fantastic blankie!

What a beautiful week!  Gavin is loving his toes lately and has recently become a big fan of sucking washcloths in the tubbie.  Now I have to use two so he doesn't start sucking the one that I wash him with lol.  That would be yuckie!  In addition, Gavin continues to enjoy solid foods.  We tried some peas, spinach and pears this week.  We love Ella's food.  Though I would love to make my own it is the next best thing!

On Tuesday Gavin and I spent the day with Roderick while his momma headed to an orientation.  We took a walk in the morning and ate breakfast with some amazing mommies and babies.  I carried Ridge in the Ergo carrier and had Gavin in the stroller.  I got a feeling for twins...crossing fingers next one is just one baby *wink*.  

The boys sporting Baby Legs!

Also that afternoon Auntie Elissa and Katie and Trevor visited us.  It was a busy day.  After Jessie's orientation we carted the boys off to Babies R' Us to get some food and odds and ends.  They had Ella's food 10 for $10 (bonus)!  That evening we hosted dinner for my cousins.  What a busy day.  

On Wednesday Gavin spent the day with his cousins enjoying the beautiful weather.  His cousin Julie took some fantastic photos...I will post a couple once she sends them.  Thursday Gavin spent the day with his friend Anne while I headed to a class for work.  He had such a nice day he slept that evening from 7pm till 5am (a very rare occurrence).  

Saturday we hosted a panini party with our close friends.  We had a few practicing mommies who enjoyed feeding and playing with Gavin.  
CJ and Gavin with momma to be Phoebe in the background!
On Sunday we watched as Hurricane Irene came and went!  We ventured out for an adventure to Walmart and picked up Gavin a small chair for eating at the table.  Though the lights did go off while we were in Walmart we were still able to purchase the chair.  We tried it out and Gavin loves it!  Here is a video of him eating that I took for his Auntie Elissa earlier this week in Jessie and Ridges Bumbo!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

week twenty two - apples, pirates, and more

Thanks to the Vogel's for this fantastic beach towel!

This week Gavin has become very friendly with his feet.  He can often be found touching and playing with his toes.  In addition, he does this really silly thing where he shakes one of his legs and has started to make so many new sounds.  He is such a happy baby and always greets strangers with a smile!

On Monday, we took a ride with Jessie and Ridge to the Magic Beans store to check out some strollers.  We tried some out and Ridge is now in a new ride!  We also purchased a new stroller for Gavin on Craigslist.  I love it cause I can see alternate views and look at Gavin while we cruise.  

Checking out some new rides!
On Wednesday Ridge came over to play with us for a while.  These two have become such great buds!  Thursday we headed to a BBQ with co-workers.  Gavin and Ridge were the highlight of the party and met many new friends.  It was great!

Gavin and his new friend Melissa :)
Gavin and Ridge with Marjorie.

That evening we headed to dinner with the Vogel's who were visiting all the way from New York.  Gavin had such a wonderful time playing with his cousins and listening to them sing and play the guitar for him.  His cousin David and he were born on the same day so it was super fantastic that they got to finally meet!
Julie, Gavin and David
On Saturday Gavin officially turned 5 months!  It is so amazing...and I cannot believe it has been that long already.  We spent the day with Uncle Tim and Auntie Elissa's house playing and helping her start thinking about her new baby boy!  Gosh...time is going by so fast and going back to work is right around the corner.  On Sunday Alan and I took a long bike ride while Gavin spent the morning with his cousins playing.  They sang to him and gave him a ride in a pirate ship.  He wore his wet suit for the first time!!!

That evening we decided to try giving Gavin some apples before his last bottle.  I should have filmed it...maybe I will tonight!  He was like a little bird in a nest.  We started by giving him some on a finger and he moved it around in his mouth then suddenly produced a big smile and opened up big!  He is super ready.  

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

twenty one weeks - when will we see you pearly whites

A very cool playmat passed along from our friend Moira.
Gavin loves to feel the texture of it with his fingers :) 

It was a beautiful week here!  Lots of sun and warmth to share.  Gavin has started to giggle and chuckle like crazy this week.  I have identified some ticklish spots on him and it is so cute to watch him belly laugh.  It bring a smile to my face every time.  This week Gavin met a few new friends as I worked on a group project.  Holly, Robyn, and Sue had the opportunity to meet and play with Gavin.  On Tuesday we went to group which was nice.  It has been a few weeks!  That afternoon we had a doctors appointment to discuss Gavin's teething.  He weighed in at 16 pounds and 11 ounces.  WOW!  He just keeps growing...amazing :)  This week I also played with a online program called Animoto.  It allows you to take photos and video clips to create short movies.  It was super fun to create a movie of Gavin's hospital experience to use to show teacher and students how to use this fun freeware :)

Most of the week Gavin and I stayed home and chilled enjoying walks around the area and playing together.  I want to enjoy each and every moment before work begins again.  I will miss him!  On Friday morning we took a long walk with some great mommas on the bike path.  Thanks to Roxanne and Camden for lending us their Baby Hawk carrier.  Gavin so enjoyed snoozing in it while we completed our beautiful walk.  Always wonderful to spend some time with some wonderful ladies!

That afternoon Lysa came over to visit with us and I took a photo to compare to the first time she held Gavin.  Gosh how slow and fast four months can be.  Who ever knew so much could change in such a short period of time :)
Lysa and Gavin Week One

Lysa and Gavin Week Twenty One
Saturday we ventured over to Auntie Elissa's and Uncle Tim's for a BBQ with some old friends.  Gavin got to enjoy her ceiling fan and take a snooze in her spare bedroom.  Auntie Elissa, expecting herself, spent some time with Gavin feeding him and attempted to take a family photo of us.

Auntie Elissa, Gavin, and The Unnamed Hippo!

The Fam

Monday, August 8, 2011

week twenty - fish and bubbles

Thank you Mrs. S. Dawson for the fantastic blankie!
It makes Gavin happy :)
We cannot believe that it is already the first week in August.  The summer is flying!  This week was pretty low key.  On Tuesday we missed group since Gavin had a busy night Monday.  By busy well basically he woke up every hour lol.  This has been becoming a pattern of his.  He really doesn't want to eat.  He just wakes.  I've been informed this is typically four month old behavior lol.  Who knows.... though I wasn't going to wake a sleeping baby.  Tuesday evening Gavin and I had a late lunch with two good friends.

Gavin in his super cute Spiderman onesie!
Love this boy!
On Wednesday we met a bunch of mommies and babies down in Woods Hole.  We checked out the aquarium first.  Gavin loved the fish swimming around and they bubbles in the tank :)  Afterwards we headed for lunch together.  It was a great day.  Later in the afternoon Ridge came over for a quick visit. 

This Friday Busia spent some time with Gavin while I ran some errands.  It was also Alan's birthday and Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim watched Gavin while we had a nice dinner together.  They of course took some photos while they watched him.  I really enjoyed this one of Gavin and his teething Sophie :)  I tell you whom ever created the Sophie line and promoted it really did a great job.  Everyone I know has or wants one lol.

On Saturday we took a ride to New Bedford to do some shopping and on Sunday we attended a super fun BBQ with a bunch of families and babies.  Unfortunately, I did not carry my time!     

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

nineteen weeks - the days fly by

Momma's favorite beach towel - Emily the Strange!

So now that Gavin is starting to explore the art of rolling he has found that he loves to sleep on his side - especially his left side (like his momma).  It is so adorable to watch him curl up to that side when he is sleepy and place his hands up near his face almost holding in his binkie/fooler.  What a cutie!  This week he has also become interested in his feet. Occasionally he will grab them and hold them.  I think as the weeks progress they will become more interesting to him.  

This week we attended a fun photo shoot for a new crib Target is going to carry in their stores this up coming fall.  Through a friend we got invited and Gavin had the opportunity to lay in bed while four little ladies (babies) sat and stood around him.  What a!  Who knows if it would be used in ads or not but how fun if it is.  I even spiked his hair mohawk style - snickers.  

On Wednesday we spent the day with Jessica, Dylan, Katie, and Trevor enjoying the beautiful weather we are having.  It was so nice to spend the day at Jessica and Dylan's beautiful home.  Gavin used a Baby Bjorn for the first time and loved it.  He spent almost two hours in it, ate in it and slept.  A new friend for momma :)  Also Jessica and Dylan lent us their uber cool swing to hang in at home.  Thank You!!!!

This week we also inherited a large amount of clothes and other items from a close friend of mine.   Busia and I went through them and she washed a bunch he can wear now.  Super cool!  Recycling clothes is the best since they grow out of them so fast.  There is a great site I just joined where you can share recycled clothes called ThreadUp based out of San Francisco ---> check them out!  Ms. Phoebe also came over and spent some time with us this week.  We gave her some clothes for her little one she is expecting in the fall.  She took this super cute photo of Gavin in his jungle safari hat lol. 

Also this week Gavin and Ridge spent some quality time together.  They enjoyed playing in the new exosaucer and bouncer we have.  They are so fun to watch as they grow and change together.  We feel so lucky to have such a nice family to be friends with.  Gavin, Ridge, Jessie, and I also took a stroll on Saturday and shared lunch.  
Gar & Ridge

Budding Musician 

Silly Boy!
Later that afternoon Gavin and I attended a Flash Mob which was awesome!  We even saw some old friends.  In the evening, we listened to some live classical music and fireworks.  Sunday we got to spend the afternoon with Aunt Rene, Gina, Michelle, Michael, and Cristos who were visiting from NY. What a great weekend!