Sunday, October 30, 2011

thirty two weeks - mouse mayhem

This is Auntie Elissa's birthday table cloth!  Gavin wanted to sit up this week...and is
wearing pink in honor of the birthday girls favorite color :)  Happy Birthday Auntie Elissa!

I cannot believe that my favorite holiday is upon us!  I love it and I am so excited to share it with Gavin.  I remember back to the first piece of clothing I purchased for him last year at this time...a halloween onesie.  I wanted him to come home in it...alas I look at this little black onesie and wonder where the time has gone...too fast too fast!

I must say this is the baby time I love.  Gavin is such a happy baby...and he is always exploring the world around him.  He has become quiet confident in his abilities to sit up and he is beginning to start the crawling process.  I must say Alan has been working with him on this and I finally got to see him push up on all fours :)  YAY!  I have the video to prove it :)

This weekend we attended a baby halloween party with some of the babies and parents from our baby class back in January 2011 :)  It was so great to see so many friends and share some fun times.  We attempted a group photo and lets just say things didn't go as planned lol :) 

This mouse costume my mother made me when I was Gavin's age :)
Attempt at baby photo :)
Gavin the mouse was not happy!
He looks like he is going to eat someone in this photo !
On Sunday we had a surprise party for Auntie Elissa :)  It was so great to see some old friends and enjoy the day together.  Gavin of course was the hit of the party and the soon to be Patrick or Joshua inside Auntie Elissa's well as another unknown friend in Miss Phoebe's :)

Baby bellies :)  Auntie Elissa and Phoebe 
Sporting a Busia hat :)

It was a busy weekend full of new friends and fun times :)  Of course in the honor of my favorite holiday I couldn't help but create a halloween version of Gavin to share with all....VAMPIRE of course :) You can make your very own on it out :) 

And in closing I want to put a special photo of Gavin and Alan to share with Gavin's grandfather who is visiting us from far away in Kentucky!  Hello Grandpa!!!  Gavin hopes to meet you some day :)  
Best dad in the world!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

thirty one weeks - the many faces of gavin

Another new blanket for the big bed!
This week Gavin played with Zoe and Kelly on Tuesday and had a playdate with Ridge on Friday.  I have to get better at taking photos...I have been slacking lately.  On Saturday Gavin broke out in a strange rash on his face and after confirmation with the doctor on call we think it may have been related to teething or a cold/virus.  On Monday we brought him to the doctor to get checked out and it just seems to be a cold.  Poor little guy did have a hard time sleeping the past couple nights.  Let's hope it goes away for good soon.  At the doctors he weighed in at 18 pounds 13 ounces.  

Over the weekend we hung low since he was not feeling the best.  I did manage to work on some photos that I wanted to make in a collage.  These were ones that Julie Vogel took of Gavin when she visited this summer.  I love that they show his facial is so perfect.  I even took my favorite one and played with some lens to change it up!

On Sunday we went to visit Busia and Pop and pick up a walker that Gavin now has.  It was so funny to watch him try to jump in it the first few times.  He is just starting to get the hang of moving....yay Gavin!  

As Gavin continues to become an expert roller we anxiously await him crawling.  He can manage to get up on all fours and I think it is only a matter of time.  He is also making this funny monkey-like face often that is so silly.  The other day Alan laughed so hard I thought he was going to bust open lol.  I will have to get it on video to show to potential girlfriends in the way way future!  During tubbie time, Gavin has enjoyed sitting up but recently likes to bath on his side.  Silly Boy!  I thought he was tired but then realized he does it no matter if he is or not.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

thirty weeks - tooth fairy here we come

Our new big bed comforter! YAY!
Gavin will be seven months in just a few days.  I look at him and can hardly remember when he was just a little one.  Now he can sit up most of the time with no support, he is attempting to crawl, we have lowered his crib to the lowest setting, he is eating solids, and he has two....yes TWO teeth.  Sighs!

Lucky for Alan and I Gavin is back to his typical sleep routine waking once in the night.  With his cold a week back and two teeth popping through it was a rough couple weeks.  On Tuesday Zoe and Kelly came over to play with Gavin.  Here is a cute shot of them eating cute they are!
On Thursday I was surprised, after a night of unrest, to find a little tooth poking out on the bottom left side of Gavin's mouth.  After talking to Busia I found out that I also got my first tooth around 6 1/2 months.  

On Saturday Busia and Pop watched Gavin while Alan I went for a bike ride and out for lunch for some yummy oysters.  Busia is working really hard to get Gavin to use a sippy cup and she also introduced some mesh bags to him with cookies in them!  
Here is Zazu and Gavin in his new walker at Busia and Pop's house!
Saturday night was also a rough sleep night for Gavin.  What a surprise it was to find another tooth on the right bottom when he awoke on Sunday!  Yay for Gavin! Now if only mother nature will hold off for a while so we can all get some sleep lol :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

twenty nine weeks - picking time

Another Busia my favorite color of course LOL!
Though the weather is still acting like it is summer we know that winter is coming.  We have already started bundling Gavin in hats and warm blankets.  Let's hope it isn't a REALLY cold winter!  This week Gavin continues to move around the living room with ease.  He has been enjoying some independent time while playing with his toys and activity centers.  Teething has been running amuck this week with everything entering his mouth.  He is really liking those mesh bags with ice cubes and frozen fruit.  Another cool thing is that he loves to sit up in the tubbie...soon enough he will be all the time!

This week seemed really long for some reason...maybe the big weekend.  Tuesday Kelly and Zoe came over to play with Gavin.  They are too cute together.  Here is a photo I received via phone while I was at my meeting at work!

On Thursday Busia watched Gavin during the day and Ridge came over for a mini sleepover at night.  Some ladies also came over to play with the babies.  We had so much fun watching them play together.  It is so amazing to me that they are both already over six months old.  I love to reflect on pictures when they were little together.  Here are some of then and now :)



This weekend was amazing!  Truly the weather was perfect for doing about most anything, especially with it being a long weekend.  Sunday Alan and I went for a long 20+ mile bike ride while Gavin played with Busia and Pop.  Busia bought Gavin a walker which I can tell he is going to love as the weeks pass.  He has also moved on to three meals a day and Busia bought him some fancy bowls and spoons.  

On Monday we went on an adventure with Auntie Elissa, Uncle Tim, and baby boy to be apple picking.  This was Gavin and Alan's first time.  I must say the trees were super picked over being a long weekend.  It was a blast taking photos and spending such a beautiful day outside.  We look forward to next years venture with both boys!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

twenty eight weeks - first sunsets

Our new sheets for our new big bed!
Gavin has been growing so fast.  He is rolling like it is going out of style!  You need to keep your eye on him or suddenly he is selecting movies to watch lol.  His new favorite things to do are making raspberries, clicking sounds with his tongue, and sticking his tongue out and wiggling it at people LOL.  I just love to watch him change and grow.  Here is a photo collage I made to showcase Gavin over the past six months.  I am so happy that I have taken the time to photograph him every week.  It is amazing to see the changes.  

This week Gavin and I spent a lot of time inside due to his stuffy nose that would not go away.  We did go to the doctors on Wednesday to check it out and alas who knows what it is....allergies, cold?  At his appointment they weighed him in at 18 pounds 5 ounces.  By Friday, things seems to get better.  We went for a walk with Jessie and Ridge.  It has been way too long.  Afterwards we shared a pizza and watched the boys play.  They were so funny!  At one point Ridge was up on his hands and knees ready to go and Gavin was sucking his bottom LOL.  Love these boys!  I wish I pulled the camera out.  

Over the weekend Alan and I brought Gavin to the playground.  He was a little too small for the toddler swings but loved the big red swing.  

Afterwards we headed down to watch the sunset near the big lighthouse.  It was Gavin's first one!  It was a beautiful night.  A bit breezy so we wrapped gavin up in a sweatshirt.  We hope to take another trip down soon.