Thursday, July 26, 2012

16 months - beach, balls, and BRYCEN!

Love this little mans pout!  He is sporting a white polo and
diaper this month, a long sleeve onesie is just too hot!
We have been spending some time at the ocean with Gavin since the weather has been beautiful!  He loves to play in the sand and appears to have no fear of the water.  Our only problem thus far is keeping him with us LOL!  He always likes to wander over to other peoples "beach sites" and make new friends.  Lucky for us in all instances they have been really kind to him and welcoming.  I wonder if he will ever just stay with us?  Either way we look forward to bringing him more often...maybe some toys will lure him :)

First touch on his feet!
Collecting Rocks 
He loves rock...though always calls them "balls"!
Playing with his Auntie Elissa.
Little men post beach :)
Sporting new swimwear from the Carpenito's.
Gavin and his daddy :)
Last week we also had a fun dinner date with Clara and Megan.  Gavin loved playing with her pink car!  She also had some balls to play with and anyone who knows Gavin knows he love love loves balls LOL!  He also tasted swordfish for the first time.  Lately we have been giving him all sorts of new things...clam chowder, fried clams, shrimp to name a few and he is loving it :)

I would love to add some very special shots to this post of our expected little one growing inside me Brycen John!  We are so excited to have him join our little family :)  I cannot believe how soon it will be.  He is due September 22nd, but if he is anything like Gavin Alan I expect he will arrive earlier.  Here is an awesome 3D shot of him and one of my growing belly!

So much happens in two weeks.  Below are some candid shots of Gavin that I've taken.  In addition to all this fun, he is also taking swim classes, music classes, and had the opportunity to go to the fair this week with his Aunt Rene and cousins!  We love summertime :)

Playing in his new favorite toy, a pot!

Testing out his drumming skills.
New Pool!

Wearing shades at the fair. 
Lunchdate with his lady friend.
Watertable fun with Ridge.

Giving hugs!  Lately Gavin has been giving hugs to
family and strangers alike.  Whenever he hugs
he says "awwww".  It melts my heart :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

fifteen and a half months - balls balls and more balls


Another Fourth of July has come and gone.  Gavin enjoyed spending time with his buddy Dylan watching the Parade in the morning.  We were lucky not to get wet!!!  Dylan lent Gavin his snazzy head gear to celebrate :)  Later that evening we cooked out and put Gavin to bed before the fireworks got going.  Lucky for us he didn't wake up once...whew!

Over the past two weeks Gavin has been gaining more new language.  He is beginning to label objects in the house and pointing to indicate he wants to know what something is.  His new favorite word is "ball".  We cannot go anywhere without him finding, seeking, grabbing balls.  Balls can be anything round at this point.  A peach in the supermarket that he managed to get, grapes he eats for lunch, round rocks he finds in nature, amongst many others.  He has become quiet fond of a golf ball that was given to him by my Aunt and Uncle.  I think it is his new favorite!!  Even on the tire swing he wouldn't put it down and yes it did manage to make it into the tubby too LOL.

These past couple weeks have also been beautiful!  Gavin has spent many days outside playing in his water table, testing out a new bike from a close friend, and enjoying swings.  We even spent one morning watching a bunny hop around the yard!  I love this time of year :) 

Playing with Music

Gavin's New Bike
In addition to enjoying new balls and the outdoors Gavin has been helping me sort through my collection of Strawberry Shortcake dolls and other 80's toys to sell.  He seems to have found a girlfriend in the process of the sorting and decided rocking a NKOTB hat was the thing to do...snickers :)

This week we also had our first Big Boy sleepover with Ridge!  It was so much fun to have both the boys to play with for two whole days.  We managed to go swimming, have a picnic snack, and of course make funny faces in the window!  I got some fantastic photos and got a feel for life with two.   I am going to be a busy lady...but it is so exciting....I can't wait :)

Our weeks ended with a quick trip to visit some family.  Though I didn't manage to get hardly any photos we did enjoy fun egg decorating, observing birds, playing outdoors on the swings of course, and exploring new balls LOL like a basketball, tangerine, tennis ball, and the most revered golf ball.  Overall he has had a fantastic time exploring and watching nature.