Wednesday, February 29, 2012

forty nine weeks - happy trails to us

Beach towel provided by Busia!
This week Gavin and I brought Alan to the big bird to visit his family while we headed on a read trip together.   Gavin has been really interested in balls and blocks this week, as well as pulling things out of cabinets.  He is so curious!  I love to watch him explore things around new places.  

On Wednesday we headed to New York and visited with Meghan and Clara on the way.  It was fun to watch the two tumble and play together.  We ate a yummy breakfast full of Gavin's favorites (eggs, toast, and fruit).  Gavin enjoyed playing with Clara's instruments and he got to observe his first squirrel.  

That evening we stopped by to see my sister at her work and ate lunch.  Later that evening after we settled in at my Grandma's we headed to dinner at Auntie Rene's where she gave Gavin a big boy haircut!  He also played with his cousins and their adorable dogs. 

On Thursday Gavin and I took a long walk at the park and he played on the swings.  He loved to watch the kids running and playing.  He walked around holding my hand but you could tell he wants to run like the big kids!  

That evening we headed over to visit his cousin are her work.  Lucky for Gavin she works at a child care center in a gym and there were no costumers.  Gavin enjoyed playing with all their big kid toys and he especially liked climbing in the long tube.  That night he was exhausted and fell asleep in the car for the night.  

Friday we packed up to head home.  Visited for a bit with his great aunt Midge and cousin Mary in the morning, then headed to see our friends Ruthie, Adin, and Ty!  The boys are getting so big.  I loved to watch them play together.  They also passed down some toys and clothes to us which was fantastic!  Thank You!  This photo of them makes my heart melt!!!
Adin, Ty, and Gavin relaxing on the couch. 
That evening we returned home got a good nights rest and woke up to a new day.  It was so nice to be in our beds...I am sure Gavin would agree.  Gavin ate a scrumptious breakfast full of eggs and we headed to the big bird to pick up Alan.  It was so nice to have him home!!!  We missed him :)

To end this post I have to add a few of my favorites this week...

Took this while I was trying to get his weekly photo and I love his facial expression!
A favorite past time walking the kitchen in his new jammies made by Busia.
And a top ten photo for me...Gavin guarding the milk!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

forty eight weeks - new kicks & licks

sitting on the couch
This week Gavin continues to take risks with walking around the house.  He actually made it across the living room on his own!  It is amazing to watch him learn and grow in confidence and ability.  He has also discovered the draw under the stove lol.  He is enjoying banging around with pots and cookie sheets.  Here is a video I captured of a short stroll this week.  I hope to get some more footage as the week progresses.

This week Gavin got to spend two playdates with Zoe which was super exciting.  They love to play together!  On Tuesday Gavin spent some time at there home and Wednesday Zoe came to our place.  Here are some cute photos of them together.  :)  We even went for a big wagon ride!

This week in honor of Valentine's Day Gavin got all dressed up for the occasion and decided that his new chew toy is the channel changer for the television.  Alan and Gavin also sent me beautiful flowers to work which was a big surprise and super cute of them!

In Lieu of Gavin's new walking adventures, Pop and Busia brought us on an adventure to the mall to buy Gavin his first pair of shoes.  At first he wasn't so sure about them and wanted to scrunch those toes, but he has since become more comfortable.  In celebration we ate some yummy pizza afterwards.  Gavin loves pizza crust!
Busia and Gavin at Stride Rite  

On Saturday Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim came over for dinner and brought Patrick on his first official dinner adventure.  We ate some clam chowder and salad with some scrumptious german chocolate cupcakes for desert.  Auntie Elissa perfected her Moby wrapping skills and Gavin showed off his new walking shoes.  

Sunday Gavin spent some time with Busia and Pop in the morning and we ran some errands in the afternoon.  Gavin is so enjoying sitting in the grocery cart that we no longer will need to bring that stroller.  

That evening we were invited for dinner with Jessie, Derick, and Ridge.  Gavin and Ridge played and tumbled together, and Jessie introduced Gavin to his first ice pop!  Life will never be the same LOL!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

forty seven weeks - chicks and spoons

the living room chair
Gavin has had a big week!  He took his first steps from me to his dad which was so super exciting...YAY!  Since then we have seen a few here and there.  He stands on his own and can get into a standing position from the floor so he is ready...I imagine before he is one he will be walking.  In addition, he is also beginning to point to objects in recognition of them.  Smiles!  I adore him :)

Also this week Gavin has become even more fascinated with his tubby.  He loves to watch me fill it and has recently found humor in getting into it prior to taking his clothes off.  Oh My!  What will he try next LOL!

This week we got to to have a play date with Ridge which was fun!  Ridge and Gavin have such a good time playing together.  It amazes me that they have known each other all their lives :)

Also on Saturday Busia and Pop spent some time with Gavin while Alan and I went out for lunch.  Gavin also got a new puppet from Busia which he loves....we call it his new chick LOL.

That night we also went out to dinner with Pop and Busia.  Gavin enjoyed looking at the fire while we dined and found the crackers and zucchini to be fantastic.  I think he would have enjoyed taking the spoon home as a souvenir.

On Sunday Alan, Gavin and I headed over to Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim's for lunch.  I finally got a chance to take a photo of the boys together.  Patrick Timothy is getting bigger by the day and is too cute for words.  I look forward to the day when they are big enough to play together... :)

love these boys!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

forty six weeks - guess how much i love you

a busia blankie...this is the one gavin sleeps with at night :)
Gavin is loving the fact that he can stand unassisted and manipulate objects with two hands while doing so.  He is enjoying playing with cabinets in the kitchen and the bathrooms.  You can often find him giggling at himself while opening and closing them.  The simple things LOL.  Alan and I both think we are a month away from him walking, most likely before his first birthday.  He is also experimenting with crawling on top of objects such as totes, laundry baskets, and other random toys around the house.  Bathtime has become such a challenge with him...I look forward to a future with a big boy tub.   That is on my wish list lol!

His favorite toys this week appears to be his Eebee doll his Busia bought him before he was born.  He is enjoying chewing on her hair...I think its hair lol.  You decide for yourself :)

Other favorite toys include his twilight turtle, plastic lettuce containers and toilet paper of course. 

On Monday Gavin and I ventured out to take a walk with Phoebe and Addie.  It was a nice day out and we really enjoyed spending time together, though Gavin was quiet tired when we tired in fact that we found him like this...

I guess the story was a real snooze lol.  Also this week we visited Auntie Elissa and Patrick.  Though we tried to acclimate Gavin to the idea of his new baby "brother" it didn't seem like he was that interested.  Uncle Tim brought out a fun new toy that was much more entertaining.   I still have not managed to get a photo of the boys together, but Gavin did try out Patricks big boy chair which he enjoyed!

This week we also received out personalized board book that I created through Pint Sized Productions.  Gavin so enjoys books with real photos of babies in them so I though it would be awesome to have a book all about him with photos of friends and family.  He loves it!  Smiles :)

In spirit of football season, we spent Sunday afternoon eating lunch with Busia and Pop.  Gavin sported his Giants bib, because Pop is a Giants fan and his birthday is Monday!  Also Gavin is learning some official signals for touchdown.  Maybe I can figure out how to download and crop the video ;0