Monday, July 25, 2011

week eighteen - only one way to escape the belly

A very special blankie given to Gavin by a wonderful secretary.  
This week Gavin had his 4 month check up!  I cannot believe how the time has flown.  I attended this one on my own.  As always it is so hard to watch you loved one have shots, but Gavin did a really great job and appears to have no lingering side effects which is wonderful.  He weighed 15 pounds 12 ounces which put him in the 70th percentile and was 25 inches long (50th percentile).  

Its funny...sometimes it is so hard to look back at your week and remember what you did lol.  On Friday we invited some babies over for a playdate which was so much fun.  It is amazing to see how babies light up with other little ones around.  Gavin rolled for the first time from his belly to back while he was playing with the other boys.  
Trevor, Dylan, and Gavin

Trevor, Ridge, and Gavin
We have been working really hard on tummy time.  Gavin appears to be getting more comfortable and can stick it out for a longer period of time.  He is also really beginning to reach for things and pull them towards him.  It has been a big growing week for him :)
Gavin practicing tummy time in front of the television!
Thank you Aunt Rene for the great idea.

Yummy duck!

On Saturday we attended a BBQ for a close friends birthday.  It was a nice time full of other babies to play with.  Afterwards we ventured out to Babies R'Us with Jessie and Roderick to get a new mobile and some bottle nipples.  As always it was quiet an adventure.  Sunday evening Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim came over to watch Gavin while Alan and I headed to see the new Harry Potter movie...LOVED IT!  This was the first night Gavin got put down to sleep by someone other then us.  He apparently was so excited he rolled from his back to his belly in his crib all by himself.  Yay Gavin!  However, that whole night was full of Gavin screaming when he ended up on his

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

week seventeen - this is how i roll

Our Pillsbury Dough Boy!
Thank you to the Carpenito's for sharing their  Snuggi :)

We had a busy week this week!  We started our week with a great stroll on the beach, a playdate with Roderick, and a nice walk with Clara and Meghan.  At group Gavin weighed in at 15 pounds 5.5 ounces.  Next week we will see how much he has grown since two months exciting.  It was such a beautiful week with low humidity...though I don't know what is happening now (enjoying the air conditioning).  

This week Gavin is pretty solid with his side sleeping.  He lifts his legs and lays down on his right side.  I think it will be any day now that he will roll over!  Also he has become hyper focused on his little hands and feet.  Watching them as they move around.  He is gaining more control of his hands and loves to play with his teething blanket that was a gift at my shower.  So far the choking has subsided lol....lets hope it does not return.  He is truly the most precious thing in the world.  Watching him grow and learn is a blessing! 

Our Beach Walk!
Clara & Gavin
(in his leg warmers of course lol)
This weekend Gavin and I ventured out again to visit some family.  Gavin was fantastic in the car ride...sleeping through most of it which was awesome!  On our way we visit some old friends Ruth, Matt, Adin, and Ty and lots of family.  We stayed at my sisters house which turned out to be better then I had anticipated.  You never know what breaking a little ones schedule can do...but he was a trouper and slept just like he does at home.   Yay!!  Here are some photos of Gavin with his much fun!

Here is Ty, Ruthie, and Adin with Gavin and I.
Thank you so much for the great day!!!

Gavin and his first cousin Michele

Gavin and his first cousin Gina

Gavin and his cousin Carrie and great Aunt Midge

Gavin and his Great Grandma Mary
(he had so much fun playing with her!)

Gavin and his Aunt Rene
I love this photo and his stylin' outfit!

Monday, July 11, 2011

sixteen weeks - shiver me timbers

"Please save me from the pirates!"
This is Gavin's new beach blanket...let summer begin!

This is the first week in a while that we were pretty low key.  On Tuesday, we went to Baby Group which is always a fun time with many friends.   However, we forgot to weigh in so we will have to remember to do that this week.  I am sure Gavin is pushing 15 lbs.  It's a good workout for me.  During the evening I had a "date night" with Auntie Elissa...and while we were gone Alan found a fun onesie for Gavin to sleep in lol.  It made Auntie Elissa very happy!

We also had some play date time with Ridge on Thursday and Friday.  We look forward to seeing him this weekend for another play date.  And over the weekend we took some strolls and checked out the Annual Sandcastle Sculpting Invitational.  Gavin was so lucky to take a photo with one of the Nantucket   Nectar ladies at their booth.


Sunday Gavin spent the afternoon with Busia and Pop while Alan and I had sometime together to eat yummy oysters!  Busia had Gavin in his bathing suit and he played in a pirate pool for the first time.  He apparently had a blast...too bad she was unable to find her camera.  We will have to make sure to get a picture next time :)

I cannot believe that Gavin is already 16 weeks old.  He has  mastered the skill of thumb sucking...and it is now one of his favorite pastimes!  He has also begun to pull at his tongue and gag himself...Oh MY!  What a silly boy :)  We just hope he does not start a trend with the gagging lol.  In addition, Gavin continues to find new and interesting ways to maneuver around his crib.  You never know which way he will be when you find him :).  His head control is increasing and he is eating consistently 6 ounces about every 3 hours awake.  Lucky for us he is sleeping about 7 hours a night.  Gosh where has the time is a photo of him then and now!!!! LOVE HIM!

Gavin at 1 week & 15 weeks


Monday, July 4, 2011

fifteen weeks - let summer begin

Happy 4th of July!
This blanket was a gift from a good friend :)

How amazing to think that Gavin was conceived one year ago on the fourth (at least that is what we think).  Now when I look down I see this amazing little bundle who is smiling back at me.  Isn't life a miracle!  At group this week Gavin weighed in at 14 pounds and 7 ounces!  What a big boy he is.  He also found his thumb and continues to suck away and drool.  We are waiting for those little teeth to push through.  On Monday he met his great uncle and cousin for the first time.  Uncle Eddie and Joey came to visit all the way from North Carolina.  

This week Ridge also came over for a playdate and I had the opportunity to have some fun with the boys.  They both fell asleep at the same time so they shared a crib.  I imagine this is what twins would do!  How cute :)

On Friday we went for a long walk on the canal with a large group.  It was so nice to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.  It was a day full of great conversation and lots of laughs.  

Group shot: Gavin, Dylan, Trevor and Ridge
And Alan and I brought Gavin to the beach for the first time.  Though he didn't get to touch the water...he did have a nice buggy ride along the beach.  We also picked a new rock to add to our budding collection.

On Saturday, we went to Busia and Pop's for a BBQ.  We ate some yummy food, had great conversations, and Gavin got to try out a bouncer for the first time.  We think it will be a favorite as time progresses.  He loves to move those little feet!

Finally, the last big news for the week is Gavin has his own clothing line!  Really though :)  Since I have so much time on my hand I started making some GAR inspired shirts to sell and share.  Check out his new banner...if you click on it you can head to our Etsy store and buy one of your very own or click to check out our ebay listings!!!