Monday, May 23, 2011

nine weeks old - my hiney is fixing to be clothed

Yet another Busia special...what would Gavin do without his Busia!

It is amazing how time just seems to go right by.  I cannot believe that you are already nine weeks old!  This week you really started coming into your own.  You are so fascinated by your hands and your tongue.  You always to seem to want your hands in your mouth lol.  I think you favor them to the pacifier.  Also this week you really became interested in things hanging above you like the mobile.  You are growing so fast!

Tuesday we went to the breastfeeding support group and learned about cloth diapering.  Alan and I have been doing some research and found some great deals on some diapers to start us off.  It is really easy for cloth diapering to become expensive (even more then disposable)!  You really have to think about your purpose for it.  We have some gdiapers, working on getting some bumgenius, home made versions, and some off brands.  In addition, we have convinced Busia to try and make some :)  We hope to start in a couple of weeks.   I weighed 12.5 pounds this week :)

This week we three also worked on packing and getting ready for what we think will be our final move for a while!  YAY!  A place we can call our very own.  The movers are coming on Sunday of this week to finish off everything and we sign on Friday.  It will be a busy week! 

Thursday we met Jessie and Roderick at the library for storytime.  Next time I will have to take photos.  It was fun to sing and read with all the babies there.  We hope to go this week too! Also this week we had a playdate with Issac at Busia's friend Barbara's house and went to dinner with Busia and Pop.  Gavin got to have his first experience at a Cambodian resturant and fed the fish with Busia.  What a lucky boy!
Playdate with Issac!

Feeding the fish with Busia!

Pop loves me!

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