Tuesday, May 31, 2011

week ten - flowers, fun and firsts

Moved into the 6 month onesie and my new home!  This is the blankie from my crib set :)

This week has been full of packing and moving.  We have finally gotten everything in now we have to put it all away :)  Gavin was such a sport moving with us.  He spent many a day at the storage unit sorting and shifting things with Alan and I.  On Tuesday we went to group and found that Gavin now weighs 12 pounds 14 ounces...wow has he grown no wonder the 3 month onesie doesn't fit lol.  We have a "two month" doc appointment this week so we will see how much he has grown.  

Also this week Gavin experiences his first carwash.  With all that pollen the car needed to be cleaned.  We weren't sure how he would react but alas he was observant and pleasantly into it.  May become a backup for "fussy time"!

Auntie Elissa came to visit this week and we played with Gavin outside which was so nice.  The weather has finally turned so we bought some sunscreen (California Baby) so we can enjoy some days out....maybe we will go to the beach soon!  We also took a nice long walk with Roderick and Jessie! 

Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim  babysat Gavin on Sunday while Alan and I dealt with the moving process.  We hired some amazing movers to help us with the bulk.  So worth it!  They had such a nice time with him...however....

....we got some silly pictures throughout the day...lol!  We also go some really cute ones.  Thanks Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim!

Our final news for the week is our slow transition into cloth diapers...YAY!  It has been one full day.  We used two homemade shells during the afternoon with a typical prefold and a bumgenius for nighttime with some extra soak pads.  We had one number two which wasn't bad at all.  Let's hope all goes well when momma washes!  We plan to use them exclusively at home and save throwaways for trips and days out!  Here is the cutie in his first homemade diaper ever!  


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