Saturday, April 21, 2012

13 months - spring has sprung

Sporting a 24 month onesie!  Gavin chilling on the couch :)

So much happens when you haven't blogged in two weeks!  Gavin is becoming very efficient at climbing onto and into objects.  He loves to use his new chair to climb to his father and is often found sitting in totes or boxes around the house.  Gavin can open the front door and make a break for it so we have to keep our eyes peeled.  This child has no fear!

Over Easter weekend we had an opportunity to go on a few egg hunts and take photos with a very special bunny.  Gavin also spent some time basking in a tote of eggs which he thought was the best thing ever.  I will have to acquire a tote of eggs next year.  

His first egg of the season, though he almost got trampled by the crowd!

Gavin and Ridge exploring the eggs.

Gavin and Addy :)
On Easter Day we went to Busia and Pop's for a yummy meal.  Gavin got a very fancy Easter basket and a couple new balloons.  Balloons make him so happy!!

Gavin also spent many days enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having.  He loves swings and  could be found many days enjoying them.  Last weekend we headed to the aquarium with Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim.  Some of Gavin's highlights were the hotel pool and spending the day at the park.  We also managed to take a trip to the zoo on our adventure.  It was a busy week!

Our weeks ended with a great trip to the local zoo with a bunch of friends!  Gavin had a blast wandering around and exploring the farm animals.  I think he would like a cow of his very own!

Gavin and his friends Ridge, Trevor, and Gunnar! 

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