Thursday, April 12, 2012

twelve and a half months - my fingers touch color

So I've decided to post updates every two weeks but take only monthly photos of Gavin in his onesie.  This way I can share the photos more frequently since my iphoto is super stocked with some great ones.  I look forward to continuing Gavin Alan's journey after one! 

On March 26th Gavin went in for his yearly check-up.  I must say he mustered through the shots like a champ and showed off his skills to the staff.  He weighed 23 pounds 2.5 ounces and was 30 3/4 inches long.  My little baby is not so little anymore!

Gavin and Zoe are enjoying spending time together.  I managed to catch some fantastic shots of them together.  We also brought out the water table and they loved splashing and laughing at the noises and squirting water.

Gavin also enjoyed his first painting experience.  I got a great recipe for edible paints, though not once did he attempt to eat them.  We have his artwork adorning our refrigerator.  Check out my friend Rebecca's blog for the recipe

Below I'm going to include some candid shots I've taken of Gavin over the past couple weeks.  It amazes me how I can continue to fall in love with this little boy over and over again each day.  He is a blessing!

Playing at the doctors office.  Gavin loved this clear plastic yellow-tinted space.  
My little piggy :)

Gavin managed to take his father's coffee while we were grocery shopping.  Luckily it was empty!

I love this photo of Gavin eating a teething biscuit.  His eyes melt my heart.

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