Tuesday, August 21, 2012

17 months - explore, enrich, enjoy

17 months - playing hide and seek behind the curtain :)  
Each day Gavin gains more and more language.  He loves to talk and I cannot wait until he is ready to share all his knowledge and thoughts with me.  This week he is loving strawberries and grapes (which are balls) and also steak LOL.  His pop came over for dinner and Gavin ate half his steak.  He would place a piece in his mouth and say more...more...more.  Needless to say that night Gavin ate a half of steak and that was all for dinner!  I find it is harder and harder to create meals that are unique for him.  I have to spend some more time researching fast kid friendly and healthy meals.  Especially before Brycen joins us :)

Summer is winding down and work will start back up in just a week.  Gavin will be transitioning from having mommy all the time to spending more time with his dad.  I think he will enjoy that time!  He will also get to play with Kelly and Zoe on Tuesdays again...and this I know he will enjoy!

This week we spent some time playing in the marsh with Ridge, Zoe, and Clara.  It was a blast to watch the kids explore and journey through the mud and water.  Gavin loved engaging in a game of throw with some big kids and found a net to dig with. 

Our Explorers!

Making Friends

Zoe and Gavin...priceless :)
This week we also took advantage of the beautiful weather when we had it.  I find more and more Gavin naps better with some physical activity.  His new favorite toy outdoors is a long tomato pole which I try to hide but I am usually unsuccessful.  I hope he will use this time to fine tune his pole vaulting skills for the future.   

We also had the opportunity to check out the Hidden Hallow and Carousel this week with Ridge and Jessie.  What a fantastic outdoor space for children to create in.  Both boys enjoyed playing with the instruments, creating masterpieces, and mixing with water and mud.  The Carousel ride at the end was less traumatic then our last visit.  Gavin did get on the horse, however was a bit leary with the up and down motion.  We came out of it safe that's all I can ask LOL!

Our Meryl's Music class sadly ended this week.  Since Gavin appeared to really enjoy music time I signed him up for the next session.  I look forward to watching him begin to grasp the concepts of rhythm and beat.  Jessie brought her camera to the last session and got a fantastic shot of Gavin on the drums.  I can envision future drum kits banging in my house....sighs!

In closing, I want to say that things are going great on my end with the little man Brycen living in my belly.  Each day I feel him grow and move.  I am looking forward to the day we meet eye to eye.  Though Gavin is still unaware of what is in store for him...I know in my heart that he will be the best big brother ever :)  

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