Thursday, September 27, 2012

18 months - welcome baby brother spike

Playing with a shape sorter!

Gavin is becoming such a little man!  The other day I was dressing him and all of a sudden he looked so big...what happened to my little boy?  Each day Gavin's vocabulary grows and grows. He has started to say a couple short phrases like "read the book" and "where's the ball".  He is also using "thank you", which is my favorite!  

Fall is upon us!  Gavin has enjoyed some great outdoor time running and climbing on local playgrounds.  We also had the opportunity to check out a Touch-a-Truck event.  Gavin was more interested in the balloons however.

This month we also had some exciting outing to dinner.  Gavin loves eating out...well just eating in general!  He especially loves coloring with the crayons and occasionally trying to eat them.  I'd say his favorite meal thus far was grilled chicken on a stick at Red Robin.

We also had a fun outing with Auntie Elissa to The Gap in search of a coming home outfit for his new baby brother.  Alas I found the perfect hat for Gavin but he did not like it very much at all!


Patrick liked his hat lol!
Of course we also spent some quality time with Gavin's best buddy Ridge and Jessie.  They seem all grown up sitting on the couch like big boys.  

Jessie also watched Gavin while Chad and I delivered our second son Brycen John!  Gavin was such a good boy and slept all night for her.  She was also able to test out the double stroller :)  We are so lucky to have such great friends!

Brycen John Richardson was born on September 20, 2012 at 7:46 pm.
He weighed 8 pounds 7.7 ounces and measured 20 inches long.
He is adorable!


Gavin is acclimating to his baby brother.  He hugs and kisses him occasionally...though i'm sure it will continue to be a challenge for him to share attention.  I think they will grow into best buddies.  My favorite moment this week is my two men snuggling!  The question now is....where do we go from here???  Maybe...

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