Monday, April 25, 2011

week five - big birds and hoppy days

My Busia knitted me this quilt for my Easter photo!

We have had an eventful week!  Gavin seems to be settling into his formula switch.  His tummy appears less bloated and he is content most of the time now.  His fussy time has cut down immensely.  Next week we have a doctors appointment to check on his progress and maybe we can begin integrating small amounts of breast milk :)

Tuesday we had a playdate with Jessie and Roderick.  I learned how to wrap a Moby...thank you Jessie; and Gavin and Roderick got to eat lunch and sleep!  We hope to play again soon and maybe this time take some photos :)
Momma, Moby, and Me
Wednesday we drove Alan to the "Big Bird" for his week back home.  It was Gavin's first long car ride which he slept through.  I must say Gavin misses his Daddy.  We cannot wait for him to return home tomorrow.  Gavin did get to have his first Skype experience with his Dad which was great!  Technology is amazing.

Of course we spent some time with Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim this week at their home!  They are so nice to let us stop by.  Auntie Elissa loves to feed Gavin and Uncle Time sings to him :)  We also met Auntie Elissa's brother who got to hold Gavin.  

We also spent some time this week walking in the beautifulness of Spring!  We took a walk on the bike path in Falmouth with Jessica and Dylan and in our neighborhood.  On Saturday Gavin got to meet the Easter Bunny At Walgreens where they were offering free photos.  He was asleep through the experience but received many smiling faces from the staff.  

Easter day we spent with Pop and Busia.  We ate some yumminess and Gavin got his first Easter Basket!  He also tried out his swing which he enjoyed.  Though his Busia dressed him up while he was sleeping and took silly photos of him while I was vacuuming lol.

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