Friday, April 15, 2011

Week Three - Moving Again

This is the first blanket my moma bought me.
Week three and moving again.  During Gavin's journey in the belly Alan and I moved four times and now again we are moving.  The house has sold so off to the cabin we go, however stuff does not really fit as it once did.  With Gavin's stuff and ours well lets just say I have worn the same thing for multiple days unable to find my clothes.  

Gavin is a growing boy.  I am sure he is close to 8 amazing.  He learned how to dance with his dad this week and we have some fantastic video to show off his moves.  I will have to pull it up and post it soon.  His eye and diaper rash are so much better!!!  He has been super gassy though...which has made for some rough nights.  We introduced some gas drops which seem to be working....cross those fingers :)  Still in love :)

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  1. Dear Sara Mae,

    Congratulations to you and Alan!! Gavin is so handsome and I loved reading your posts. Please let me know if there is anything you need or that I can do to help. Sending hugs!
    Holly :)