Monday, April 18, 2011

week four - new friends and new food

My Busia (grandma) made this blanket for me!

It is amazing how much Gavin has grown in the past few weeks.  Our visiting nurse Amy came and it appears that Gavin is weighing over 8 pounds.  WOW!  That is more than two pounds gained.  He is growing fast as you can probably tell from the photos in this blog.  

This week was also full of good times with friends.  We celebrated a panini birthday extravaganza with a good friend, and mom and dad had a night out for dinner while Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim babysat for their first time.

Also we have been trying to figure out this thing called FOOD!  Gavin's belly is not happy with milk products so we are working to find a right fit.  As for now we are working on some things that should work.  We have his first month appointment this week and hopefully we will figure out what our next steps will be.  As for now, Alan and I will push through the diarrhea from his new diet....though it is smelly!

Phoebe and CJ visited me too!

One of my very new outfits from Uncle Tim's mommy and daddy....thank you!

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