Monday, June 6, 2011

eleven weeks - while dad's away the children will play

Air Guitar!
This is the cushion from our old couch leaving us tomorrow.
Yay for new furniture!

This week we went for Gavin's two month check up with Dr. Heard....Gavin's favorite doctor in the world :)  Gavin weighed 12 pounds and 12 ounces putting him in the 75 percentile and measured in at 22 3/4 inches the 50% percentile!  Wow huge growth in all areas.  He also got his first round of shot which we did not like so much.  They made him a grumpy fussy pant for a few days.  Poor little guy.  

This week Alan got on the big bird again so Gavin and I traveled up to drop him off and pick him up.  While he was away we played with Auntie Elissa and went furniture shopping.  Also we had a play date with Jessie and Roderick who now goes by Ridge!  Gavin and Ridge enjoyed the play gym while Jessie and I enjoyed dinner and some laughs.

Auntie Elissa and Gavin!
Ridge & Gar - BFF's
We also had the opportunity to spend some time with Meghan and Clara this week.  We went for a nice walk and played at there house.  It was a beautiful day.  I also had the opportunity to take some photos of Meghan with her cute!

This week Gavin and I spent a lot of alone time together with Alan gone.  It was rough with the shot crankiness but always wonderful to play and watch as he grows.  We also tried the frontwards will take some practice but I think its going to be something he loves :)

p.s. gavin is love love loving his hand lol

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