Tuesday, June 21, 2011

thirteen weeks - back to work i go

"Hum...is anyone watching me?"
This is a bath towel my busia made me!  Very 60's.  

After our big adventure to New York it was nice to come home and just relax!  Too bad I had to go right back to work on Tuesday.  Wow what a busy week this was.  Being back at work was hard.  I wanted to be with Gavin and Alan but I would have to muster through a whole week and a half.  But honestly, it was nice to get back and see some co-workers and all the kids.  Gavin spent his days with Alan and evenings with me.

At times we needed someone to cover in between the times we both worked so Busia watched Gavin on Tuesday and had a fun time doing some feet prints with him.  Also Jessie and Roderick came over to play.  Those boys have such a nice time together.  It must be so nice to have a little person who is your size around.  On Saturday Alan and I watched Gavin and Roderick.  How fun!  We got a taste for twins lol.  
Ridge testing out the carrier!

Classic play gym photo...how simple life can be!
Also this week we celebrated Father's Day.  Happy belated Father's Day to all the fathers out there.  I must say for me it is so amazing to watch Alan as a father.  He is so patient and loving to Gavin.  He is so blessed to have such a wonderful father in his life!  Gavin gave Alan a UFC Crib Fighter's onesie for Father's Day.  This way they can watch the fights together in the proper attire :)

We also started trying Gavin in his Bumbo seat this week.  His head control has been fantastic and we know he always likes to be sitting up or facing out while you hold him.  He wants to be where the action is!  Really I can't blame him.  It is so amazing to watch him grow.  He is so determined to get his whole fist in his hands lol.  I just hope he doesn't get it stuck...snickers.

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