Monday, June 27, 2011

fourteen weeks - what else can i put in my mouth

loving his tongue...this swaddle blanket was provided at a
workshop we attended with gavin this week :)

This was my second week back and work and my last week lol.  You have to love great timing.  On Tuesday Gavin visited school and had the opportunity to help mommy clean the reading closet.  Also some of the first grade teachers stole him for a while *winks* to get their baby fix!   

Wednesday night Gavin and I headed to a free 2-series workshop offered by Paul Melville at the Cape Cod Hospital.  Paul Melville is a family support specialist and Happiest Baby Educator in the area.  He also runs two daddy groups for stay at home dads.  He is a great resource.  You can find out about other workshops and groups in the area at the Cape Coalition website.   He provided us with a bunch or resources, a DVD, white noise music CD, and a swaddle blanket.  This week he will discuss carriers and provide each participant with a free one :)

Thursday morning Gavin and I attended a free Itsy Bitsy Yoga class at the Breastfeeding Center in Sandwich.  We have also signed up for future classes.  It was great to get together with moms and babies to stretch and celebrate.  You can check out their website, Health Children's Center for Breastfeeding, for other offerings.  We hope to attend a Baby Sign Language class they have scheduled for the end of the summer.   

Also this weekend Gavin had a special night out at dinner with Busia and Pop and attended his first barbecue of the season, and went to a diaper party (thank you Elsa!).  Momma even bought Gavin a swimming diaper....summer here we come!  We look forward to many more adventures as the weather turns warm and sunny.  

Dinner with Busia and Pop!
As for milestones, Gavin has become very friendly with his hands lol.  He is starting to reach for things and in most cases put them in his mouth lol.  His friendly octopus that always was a copilot on adventures has recently become his chew toy.  Unfortunately, we don't want him to loose any limbs or eyes to a unknown belly we have supplemented with a Sophie.  

He has managed to get just his thumb in!

Poor Octopus :(

Gavin and Sophie!

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