Monday, July 4, 2011

fifteen weeks - let summer begin

Happy 4th of July!
This blanket was a gift from a good friend :)

How amazing to think that Gavin was conceived one year ago on the fourth (at least that is what we think).  Now when I look down I see this amazing little bundle who is smiling back at me.  Isn't life a miracle!  At group this week Gavin weighed in at 14 pounds and 7 ounces!  What a big boy he is.  He also found his thumb and continues to suck away and drool.  We are waiting for those little teeth to push through.  On Monday he met his great uncle and cousin for the first time.  Uncle Eddie and Joey came to visit all the way from North Carolina.  

This week Ridge also came over for a playdate and I had the opportunity to have some fun with the boys.  They both fell asleep at the same time so they shared a crib.  I imagine this is what twins would do!  How cute :)

On Friday we went for a long walk on the canal with a large group.  It was so nice to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.  It was a day full of great conversation and lots of laughs.  

Group shot: Gavin, Dylan, Trevor and Ridge
And Alan and I brought Gavin to the beach for the first time.  Though he didn't get to touch the water...he did have a nice buggy ride along the beach.  We also picked a new rock to add to our budding collection.

On Saturday, we went to Busia and Pop's for a BBQ.  We ate some yummy food, had great conversations, and Gavin got to try out a bouncer for the first time.  We think it will be a favorite as time progresses.  He loves to move those little feet!

Finally, the last big news for the week is Gavin has his own clothing line!  Really though :)  Since I have so much time on my hand I started making some GAR inspired shirts to sell and share.  Check out his new banner...if you click on it you can head to our Etsy store and buy one of your very own or click to check out our ebay listings!!!

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