Monday, July 11, 2011

sixteen weeks - shiver me timbers

"Please save me from the pirates!"
This is Gavin's new beach blanket...let summer begin!

This is the first week in a while that we were pretty low key.  On Tuesday, we went to Baby Group which is always a fun time with many friends.   However, we forgot to weigh in so we will have to remember to do that this week.  I am sure Gavin is pushing 15 lbs.  It's a good workout for me.  During the evening I had a "date night" with Auntie Elissa...and while we were gone Alan found a fun onesie for Gavin to sleep in lol.  It made Auntie Elissa very happy!

We also had some play date time with Ridge on Thursday and Friday.  We look forward to seeing him this weekend for another play date.  And over the weekend we took some strolls and checked out the Annual Sandcastle Sculpting Invitational.  Gavin was so lucky to take a photo with one of the Nantucket   Nectar ladies at their booth.


Sunday Gavin spent the afternoon with Busia and Pop while Alan and I had sometime together to eat yummy oysters!  Busia had Gavin in his bathing suit and he played in a pirate pool for the first time.  He apparently had a blast...too bad she was unable to find her camera.  We will have to make sure to get a picture next time :)

I cannot believe that Gavin is already 16 weeks old.  He has  mastered the skill of thumb sucking...and it is now one of his favorite pastimes!  He has also begun to pull at his tongue and gag himself...Oh MY!  What a silly boy :)  We just hope he does not start a trend with the gagging lol.  In addition, Gavin continues to find new and interesting ways to maneuver around his crib.  You never know which way he will be when you find him :).  His head control is increasing and he is eating consistently 6 ounces about every 3 hours awake.  Lucky for us he is sleeping about 7 hours a night.  Gosh where has the time is a photo of him then and now!!!! LOVE HIM!

Gavin at 1 week & 15 weeks


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