Tuesday, July 19, 2011

week seventeen - this is how i roll

Our Pillsbury Dough Boy!
Thank you to the Carpenito's for sharing their  Snuggi :)

We had a busy week this week!  We started our week with a great stroll on the beach, a playdate with Roderick, and a nice walk with Clara and Meghan.  At group Gavin weighed in at 15 pounds 5.5 ounces.  Next week we will see how much he has grown since two months old...so exciting.  It was such a beautiful week with low humidity...though I don't know what is happening now (enjoying the air conditioning).  

This week Gavin is pretty solid with his side sleeping.  He lifts his legs and lays down on his right side.  I think it will be any day now that he will roll over!  Also he has become hyper focused on his little hands and feet.  Watching them as they move around.  He is gaining more control of his hands and loves to play with his teething blanket that was a gift at my shower.  So far the choking has subsided lol....lets hope it does not return.  He is truly the most precious thing in the world.  Watching him grow and learn is a blessing! 

Our Beach Walk!
Clara & Gavin
(in his leg warmers of course lol)
This weekend Gavin and I ventured out again to visit some family.  Gavin was fantastic in the car ride...sleeping through most of it which was awesome!  On our way we visit some old friends Ruth, Matt, Adin, and Ty and lots of family.  We stayed at my sisters house which turned out to be better then I had anticipated.  You never know what breaking a little ones schedule can do...but he was a trouper and slept just like he does at home.   Yay!!  Here are some photos of Gavin with his family...so much fun!

Here is Ty, Ruthie, and Adin with Gavin and I.
Thank you so much for the great day!!!

Gavin and his first cousin Michele

Gavin and his first cousin Gina

Gavin and his cousin Carrie and great Aunt Midge

Gavin and his Great Grandma Mary
(he had so much fun playing with her!)

Gavin and his Aunt Rene
I love this photo and his stylin' outfit!

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