Monday, August 29, 2011

week twenty three - boys can sport baby legs too

Thank you Busia for another fantastic blankie!

What a beautiful week!  Gavin is loving his toes lately and has recently become a big fan of sucking washcloths in the tubbie.  Now I have to use two so he doesn't start sucking the one that I wash him with lol.  That would be yuckie!  In addition, Gavin continues to enjoy solid foods.  We tried some peas, spinach and pears this week.  We love Ella's food.  Though I would love to make my own it is the next best thing!

On Tuesday Gavin and I spent the day with Roderick while his momma headed to an orientation.  We took a walk in the morning and ate breakfast with some amazing mommies and babies.  I carried Ridge in the Ergo carrier and had Gavin in the stroller.  I got a feeling for twins...crossing fingers next one is just one baby *wink*.  

The boys sporting Baby Legs!

Also that afternoon Auntie Elissa and Katie and Trevor visited us.  It was a busy day.  After Jessie's orientation we carted the boys off to Babies R' Us to get some food and odds and ends.  They had Ella's food 10 for $10 (bonus)!  That evening we hosted dinner for my cousins.  What a busy day.  

On Wednesday Gavin spent the day with his cousins enjoying the beautiful weather.  His cousin Julie took some fantastic photos...I will post a couple once she sends them.  Thursday Gavin spent the day with his friend Anne while I headed to a class for work.  He had such a nice day he slept that evening from 7pm till 5am (a very rare occurrence).  

Saturday we hosted a panini party with our close friends.  We had a few practicing mommies who enjoyed feeding and playing with Gavin.  
CJ and Gavin with momma to be Phoebe in the background!
On Sunday we watched as Hurricane Irene came and went!  We ventured out for an adventure to Walmart and picked up Gavin a small chair for eating at the table.  Though the lights did go off while we were in Walmart we were still able to purchase the chair.  We tried it out and Gavin loves it!  Here is a video of him eating that I took for his Auntie Elissa earlier this week in Jessie and Ridges Bumbo!

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