Wednesday, August 24, 2011

week twenty two - apples, pirates, and more

Thanks to the Vogel's for this fantastic beach towel!

This week Gavin has become very friendly with his feet.  He can often be found touching and playing with his toes.  In addition, he does this really silly thing where he shakes one of his legs and has started to make so many new sounds.  He is such a happy baby and always greets strangers with a smile!

On Monday, we took a ride with Jessie and Ridge to the Magic Beans store to check out some strollers.  We tried some out and Ridge is now in a new ride!  We also purchased a new stroller for Gavin on Craigslist.  I love it cause I can see alternate views and look at Gavin while we cruise.  

Checking out some new rides!
On Wednesday Ridge came over to play with us for a while.  These two have become such great buds!  Thursday we headed to a BBQ with co-workers.  Gavin and Ridge were the highlight of the party and met many new friends.  It was great!

Gavin and his new friend Melissa :)
Gavin and Ridge with Marjorie.

That evening we headed to dinner with the Vogel's who were visiting all the way from New York.  Gavin had such a wonderful time playing with his cousins and listening to them sing and play the guitar for him.  His cousin David and he were born on the same day so it was super fantastic that they got to finally meet!
Julie, Gavin and David
On Saturday Gavin officially turned 5 months!  It is so amazing...and I cannot believe it has been that long already.  We spent the day with Uncle Tim and Auntie Elissa's house playing and helping her start thinking about her new baby boy!  Gosh...time is going by so fast and going back to work is right around the corner.  On Sunday Alan and I took a long bike ride while Gavin spent the morning with his cousins playing.  They sang to him and gave him a ride in a pirate ship.  He wore his wet suit for the first time!!!

That evening we decided to try giving Gavin some apples before his last bottle.  I should have filmed it...maybe I will tonight!  He was like a little bird in a nest.  We started by giving him some on a finger and he moved it around in his mouth then suddenly produced a big smile and opened up big!  He is super ready.  

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