Monday, August 8, 2011

week twenty - fish and bubbles

Thank you Mrs. S. Dawson for the fantastic blankie!
It makes Gavin happy :)
We cannot believe that it is already the first week in August.  The summer is flying!  This week was pretty low key.  On Tuesday we missed group since Gavin had a busy night Monday.  By busy well basically he woke up every hour lol.  This has been becoming a pattern of his.  He really doesn't want to eat.  He just wakes.  I've been informed this is typically four month old behavior lol.  Who knows.... though I wasn't going to wake a sleeping baby.  Tuesday evening Gavin and I had a late lunch with two good friends.

Gavin in his super cute Spiderman onesie!
Love this boy!
On Wednesday we met a bunch of mommies and babies down in Woods Hole.  We checked out the aquarium first.  Gavin loved the fish swimming around and they bubbles in the tank :)  Afterwards we headed for lunch together.  It was a great day.  Later in the afternoon Ridge came over for a quick visit. 

This Friday Busia spent some time with Gavin while I ran some errands.  It was also Alan's birthday and Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim watched Gavin while we had a nice dinner together.  They of course took some photos while they watched him.  I really enjoyed this one of Gavin and his teething Sophie :)  I tell you whom ever created the Sophie line and promoted it really did a great job.  Everyone I know has or wants one lol.

On Saturday we took a ride to New Bedford to do some shopping and on Sunday we attended a super fun BBQ with a bunch of families and babies.  Unfortunately, I did not carry my time!     

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