Monday, September 5, 2011

twenty four weeks - red soxs vs yankees

Gavin's new shower curtain :)

This week I started back up at work so it was an exciting yet sad week for me!  Though I am working part time so I do get to spend the afternoons with Gavin..yay!  This week Gavin is starting to hold his bottle for extended periods.  He is also rolling more frequently from back to belly...but only when he wants something!  We are still experimenting with foods and found that bananas may not agree with his tummy.  You have to be careful now cause everything goes in his mouth.  The other day he severed one of his octopuses legs off :( poor octopus.  He also cannot be trusted on any apparatus without being strapped in.  I imagine as he starts to try to sit up on his own more he will be into EVERYTHING! 

This week we put together Gavin's new space saver highchair and sold his older one sadly....he was just too big for it LOL.  It did go to a nice family however who is expecting a little lady soon.

On Wednesday and Thursday his Busia watched him while we were at work.  They played in the pool and did a bunch of fun things together.  Gavin loves his Busia.  Alan went to visit his family on Saturday  and I attended a baby shower while Gavin played with Jessie and Roderick.  That evening Gavin and I visited Pop and Busia.  On Sunday morning we ate breakfast with Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim.

Gavin and Hippo 

Boston Red Sox Fan with Auntie Elissa
(though momma loves the Yankees!)

Love my Uncle Tim!
That afternoon Gavin and I took a walk and grocery shopped.  We are picking up Dad tomorrow!!!  Another big adventure to the aeropuerto :)  Here is a picture of Gavin in his new stroller we purchased on craigslist....I love it cause I can see him while I push him :)  

To end this installation here is a video of Gavin and a rattle lol

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