Monday, September 12, 2011

week twenty five - raspberries are the best

Gavin's new Aden and Anais blanket!
Going back to work has made the weeks fly by!  I am so happy that I am home with Gavin most of the afternoons during the week.  It is hard enough being away but every day all day would be so tough.  This week Gavin spent most of his afternoons playing inside with me due to all the rain we got.  This also meant we took a bunch of photos :)  It was so nice on Thursday and Friday afternoon to see some glimpses of the sun and take a few walks outside.  
Gavin's new shirt from his cousin Michele!

This week Gavin has been love love loving the jumper and can't seem to get enough.  He just loves to jump and has so much energy. One would think that this would cause him to sleep more but nope instead he is sleeping less lol.  His nights have been getting shorter for sure and most times I will find him and his dad sleeping on the couch together in the morning.   

He has also become more aware of his surroundings and will roll to get to something he a toy.  He is continuing to have one solid meal a day...prunes still seem to be a favorite  :)  He is also been teething like crazy...this week his favorite teether is the raspberry paci Busia got him!

On Tuesday he spent some time with Pop and Busia.  Pop is working hard on getting Gavin to say his name first lol.  We will see.  Over the weekend Gavin's Uncle Mark and Aunt Linda came to visit him.  This was the first time Uncle Mark got to see Gavin awake :)  It was a happy occasion.  

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