Tuesday, September 27, 2011

week twenty seven - art to wear, art to share

This is the blanket I was first put in at the hospital!

This week Gavin graduated into a nine month old onesie for his weekly photo!  Goah...another week has flown by!  I cannot believe that Gavin is six months old.  It seems like only yesterday he was a little 5 pound bundle...it is hard not to be a bit teary about it!  Recently he has begun to start exploring with moving on his belly.  He is maneuvering himself to acquire objects and also has begun to reach for us to pick him up. I look forward to the next six with him.

This week Gavin spent some time with Zoe and Kelly on Tuesday playing.  On Thursday, Busia spent the day with Gavin and created a handprint for his bedroom.  So cute!
Gavin and Busia!

An ultrasound collage!
 Another new addition to his bedroom is some amazing art by Lysa Benton a very close friend.  She is absolutely amazing! 

This week we also started going through his clothes to pack away some of the smaller stuff.  While I was organizing I found some of Busia's creations and dressed Gavin up for some fun photos.  We even took a walk to show off his fancy attire for some friends.  Including Auntie Elissa of course :)

Over the weekend we finally bought a big bed for those nights that Gavin snuggles with us.  It is so nice to have lots of room.  We also have some new snuggly sheets and blankets.  It is so comfy :)  Over the weekend Alan and I took a 10 mile bike ride and Gavin played at Busia and Pop's.  He loves their indoor swing and also a new exosaucer from a close friend.  We also got to enjoy a date night while Phoebe and Gavin spent some time together.  Here is one last favorite of mine...love batman :)

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