Tuesday, November 15, 2011

thirty four weeks - big shark small hedgehog

Another beach towel from the closet...missing summer!
It becomes harder and harder to keep Gavin on the blankets lol

This week Gavin has been exploring with his voice.  Creating screeches and babbles that only he understands.  He is aware that he can make his voice loud and soft...I think he prefers to be loud lol!  On Monday and Wednesday he spent some time with Busia and Pop.  Busia bought him a new very large stuffed toy shark, which I must admit I enjoy!  Here are some cute photos of Gavin with his new friend.  I look forward to the day he decides to ride it :)

Showing off their teeth!
On Tuesday Gavin spent some time with Zoe, Kelly, and Zoe's Grandma.  What fun!  Gavin really enjoyed playing with Zoe's toys.  I think it may be time to search for some "big boy" toys.  

Auntie Elissa also spent sometime visiting with us this weekend.  Gavin enjoyed playing with her stuffed hedgehog that she is waiting to share with her little one we are expecting in February.  Here is a cute video of Gavin's first encounter. 

This was a long weekend and it seemed to fly by.  Alan and I got to spend some time eating a yummy lunch on Friday.  Saturday I had a shower and Gavin spent the day with his daddy playing.  Sunday we all took a family trip up to the mall to get some new tires on the car and do some clothing shopping.  We did happen to see the Santa set-up getting all ready.  YAY!  Look forward to bringing Gavin to meet "Santa" soon!  Here is a shot of Gavin and I checking out the goods.  He enjoyed the lights and sparkles. 

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