Monday, November 7, 2011

thirty three weeks - bye red sox & hello knees

An old summer table cloth from the closet!
This was the first week it was hard to photograph the wiggle worm :)
I can't believe it is November...where has the time gone!  Gavin is growing by the minute.  This week he took his first attempt at crawling.  Unfortunately, he took a digger but he continues to try each day.  YAY Gavin!  He has also been making this really silly sound with his fist rubbing against his mouth.  It almost sounds like mama but totally accidental.  I am going to try and video tape him if I can.

Alan has been starting this really cute thing of sending me video at work of Gavin!  I love them.  He even sent me one of him attempting to crawl...getting up on all fours was new much less going for it!
Gavin getting ready!
Here is a super cute video of Gavin attempting puffs!  
Hummmm....I guess he won't be a spokes-baby for

Monday, Busia took a ride with us out to Target to buy some supplies.  She bought Gavin a new winter hat which even scares me lol.  Yes it is a lion...and she also got him some new fun blocks that he is enjoying :)  

On Wednesday Dylan and Trevor came over to play with their mommies.  It was so nice to catch up and let the boys play together.  Gosh it seems like so much time has passed.  Dylan is already walking and scaling objects in the house.  It allowed me to get accustomed to the future of walking Gavin!  
Dylan & Gavin

Dylan trying to plug a block into Gavin!

Gavin giving kisses to his long lost friend that Dylan was borrowing.

Trevor enjoying the bouncer!

Gavin asking Dylan to get him out of that walker.
On Thursday Gavin and I started to go through some clothes of his that he no longer fits in.  It never ceases to amaze me how fast he grows!  We are so lucky to have some friends who have passed down clothes to him.  This time we are passing down two Red Sox outfits to Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim to share with their little one...he will either be a Patrick or a Joshua!  Here are some photos of Gavin's last romp in them :)

Busia and Pop came over on Friday to spend some time with Gavin while I was doing some extra work at school.  He also got to spend the day with them on Sunday while Alan and I took a bike ride together.  

Saturday Gavin and I joined Phoebe, Jessie and Ridge at the local craft fair where some of our friends had a booth of homemade goodies.  It was so great to see them and check out their new creations.  Gavin choose a Sophie blanket (also known as a mother's helper) to keep his giraffe close by.  

You can check out their other great products on their Etsy sites.  

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