Sunday, November 20, 2011

week thirty five - sweet taters are yummy

This big boy checkerboard was passed to us from our good friend Moira!
One day we will teach Gavin how to play for know he just likes  to chew it :)

Today Gavin turned exactly eight months old!!! How exciting :)  He continues his quest to crawl and has begun to maneuver himself backwards to acquire things he wants.  His fascination with technology is beginning to bloom.  Often you can find him trying to play on our laptops.  He is attracted to the screen and the noises the keys make.  

This week he spent some time with Zoe, Kelly, and Zoe's grandma.  It is so great to see them grow together.  In addition, he had multiple opportunities to have photos taken.  On Wednesday Ryan Webber from came to take some photos of Gavin.  It was great to watch him interact with the  camera....such a ham :)  Also on Saturday he had the opportunity to get photographed by Kate from kml photography during a mini session held at a local press company.  You can check out her blog at  We anxiously await photos YAY!  

Also on Saturday, Alan and I took Gavin out to his first restaurant as a big boy.  He even got the chance to sample some of their yummy sweet potato fries.  Though he made some interesting faces, we determined he does like them.

On Sunday, Gavin spent the day with Busia and Pop while Alan and I got to take a long walk and eat some yummy food!  Busia is trying to teach him how to play the piano at a young age.  He prefers to bang it and knock it over lol.  One day maybe he will write his own never know.  

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