Wednesday, January 18, 2012

forty three weeks - eating dada's sock

Our current table cloth!
YAY!  Gavin has finally found his knees and has figured out how to bend down from a stand!  This is exciting as he gets less frustrated when he wants to move to another location and has no more cruising space lol.  He also enjoys chewing on his monitor so we have decided to use it on the floor soley as an auditory monitor.  He loves wires and this was not going to work as a chew toy.

On Monday and Wednesday we took a ride to get some photos framed and Babies R' Us with Auntie Elissa.  While she was ordering a new bassinet Gavin enjoyed playing with the balloons.  He has come a long way...back in October he would cry when they came near him snickers.

On Thursday Auntie Elissa also came over so I could take some photos of her with her belly.  Soon enough it will birth a baby and I wanted her to remember what it was like :)  Also we are entering a contest!  Here are a couple photos that Gavin interjected.  He just loves the camera...little ham!

Saturday morning Alan headed out for a haircut and while I was watching Gavin eat some cheerios he said his first word "dada".  Not that he is aware of who in fact "dada" is, but it was so super cute I sent Alan a video while he was gone.  Gavin continues to say "dada" over and over again.  Each time my heart secretly smiles :)  Here is a video I took to share.  How can you not love him!


That afternoon Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim watched Gavin while Alan and I headed out for a late lunch and to run some errands.  They enjoyed playing with a box while we were gone.  Gavin loves things that make noises and roll so he was a big fan of throwing those shaking shapes in the box.

When we returned I took some more photos of Auntie Elissa using Gavin's toes.  We noticed that her belly acted like a sunburn and took the opportunity to play with it. 

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