Tuesday, January 10, 2012

forty two weeks - new friends and more

Busia bought me this blanket and I love it!  

Gavin is cruising like a pro and begin to find ways to bend down from a stand.  He has also been working on getting himself up while holding onto an object.  We love to watch him explore new things around the house.  This week he has been found playing with the grates of the heater and scaling the window frames.  Oh and the screeching continues...

Sunday was such a beautiful day Alan and I took Gavin out for a walk outside.  Alan was such a sport using the Ergo carrier....Gavin loved his ride with daddy!

Monday we went with Auntie Elissa to play with Addie and Phoebe.  Gavin of course wants to touch her and nibble on her.  When she made noises Gavin just stared at her perplexed as though he thought she was a toy and why did she make noise.  I did manage to get a cute photo of them...it will be so fun to watch them grow together :)

Tuesday Busia came over to watch Gavin.  They had a fun time singing to music on Pandora and eating yummy food.  This week he tried pizza crust which he seemed to love.

On Thursday we attended a school baby shower for Auntie Elissa and Robyn.  Gavin got to play with all the ladies, eat some cucumbers, and explore a new place.  He had a blast.  Of course I didn't remember to take any photos...maybe someone from the party has some?

This week Gavin also had his first experience throwing up which was not pleasant...not one bit at all.  Actually it ended up all over me, him, and the chair.  Though after the event he was laughing and smiling.  I am so happy he felt better.  I have recovered but the chair is another story lol.  Gavin has also been having a super fun time  in the tub.  He is splashing more and doesn't seem to mind lots of water in his face.  His high pitched noises seem to be more extreme in the tub.  I will assume it is singing :)

On Saturday Alan, Gavin and I headed over to Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim's to assist with getting ready for her little man.  While the boys put together the glider we grabbed lunch for everyone.  Gavin got to ride in the small grocery cart which he thoroughly enjoyed.  

After everything was all set up Gavin even took a snooze in Patrick's crib.  It was so cute to see him all snuggled up in it.  When he woke up we opened a toy of Patrick's for Gavin to play with.  Auntie Elissa had said that her friends baby love love loved it!  It was a Playskool Busy Ball Popper ( the little boy in the photo is happy)!  Needless to say we turned it on and Gavin just watched and then began to cry.  Even when we turned it off he would not stop.  We actually had to hide it from his view.  Alas we took the balls out of the toy and let him play with them.  I would post a funny photo we took....but Alan would not like me very much LOL

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