Tuesday, January 31, 2012

forty five weeks - treadmill love affair

Auntie Elissa's Bed Sheets :)

So this week Gavin popped another tooth on the top making him an official beaver!  Additionally, he is standing alone with more frequency which we know will lead to walking.  He has already started to experiment with his alligator walker from Christmas.  Though when his gets stuck he is not quiet sure how to get out lol.

On Tuesday we were so happy to see Kelly and Zoe back from vacation.  Gavin so missed Zoe!  It was so very cool to watch them play together.  So amazing how fast they grow.  Here is an adorable photo Kelly caught of them watching out the window.  Gavin is so obsessed with watching the lights and the cars go by.  He has also learned to maneuver onto and off of the treadmill to view the traffic!

On Wednesday evening Auntie Elissa brought little Patrick Timothy into the world.  On Thursday Gavin, Alan, and I visited her in the hospital.  Sadly I haven't taken a photo of them together yet but I will make sure to do so next visit.  All is well and little Patrick is growing each day.  In honor of little babies here is a photo of Gavin after he was born.  Sighs...seems like so long ago :) What a big boy he is now!

Over the weekend the three of us pretty much stayed home.  I took a couple trips to visit the new baby boy but except for that it was nice to just relax.  Here is a cute photo of Alan feeling Gavin :)  I heart them!  

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