Wednesday, March 14, 2012

fifty one weeks old - new toys and first kisses

Gavin's bathroom mat!
It amazes me that we are one week from Gavin's first year birthday!  Where has the time gone... :)  Gavin continues to walk around that house.  He hardly holds on for support and is now preferring to walk over crawl.  I have even spotted him attempt to run.  Watch out world!

Most often you can find Gavin playing with balls that go with a variety of toys.  He loves blowing raspberries on them and carrying them from room to room.  He is also enjoying the Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See book and can look at it multiple times in one sitting.  He appears to enjoy the black sheep and the teacher the most.  

This week we spent some time playing with Ridge.  I love to watch these tow together.  They are slowly learning to play cooperatively though sometimes they get protective of their toys.  They really enjoyed playing with some new blocks we got from a friend this week.

Also this week we got to spend some time with Addie and Phoebe.  Gavin even planted his first kiss on her, though it looked more like a hickey.  Either way it was super cute.  We also saw Phoebe, Addie, Auntie Elissa, and Patrick on Thursday and took a nice walk outside.  It was beautiful out!  Gavin also met some new friends Aaron and Robyn.  Hopefully we will take some photos next time.  Here is a cute photo of Phoebe, Addie, and Gavin :)

Over the weekend Gavin spent some time with Busia and Pop while Alan and I had a date night.  On Sunday Auntie Elissa took a trip to The Gap with us for some sales and we snapped this fun shot of Gavin demonstrating some headwear for the holidays. 

That evening we had an early dinner with Busia and Pop.  Gavin enjoyed some chicken Busia cooked and cleaning the screen door window.  Silly Boy! 

 It was a fast week.  Also we changed the time on Sunday and for the first time in a while Gavin slept through the night.  Let's hope it will become a trend!  Here is a cute photo Alan took of my boy and I.  It is so crazy to me that he will be one year old this Tuesday....sighs.

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  1. I love your blog!! I don't think you should stop! lol
    ~Phoebe & Addie