Wednesday, March 7, 2012

fifty weeks old - random moments in time

Gavin with his new favorite toy, his comb, and stylish beach towel!
Well this week has appeared to wandered by with hardly any photos....very unlike this momma.  I must been getting behind lol.  This week Gavin continues to walk around the house taking more risks.  He is very good about falling on his tush or knees which makes me not as nervous.  Though most times he doesn't need any support walking from one end of the house to the other!

This week he is loving a new toy from an old friend that has ball you push through a boat.  He has figured out how it works and loves that he can manipulate it.

He is also continuing to clap all the time and give high fives which are super awesome!  Here is a cute shot of the two of us practicing our clapping motions lol!

This week we had a play date with Auntie Elissa, Patrick, Phoebe, and Addie.  Gavin spent most of his time playing with Auntie Elissa's balloon though he did wander over and check out the little babies from time to time.  Unfortunately, we did not snap a photo.  We must remember that next time we get together.  

This week Gavin also started to teeth really hard.  His drooling has been excessive and his hands cannot stay out of his mouth.  Alan and I see a tooth on the move on the bottom right.  It seems to have also given him a stuffy nose.  The weekend we spent a lot of time holding him.  He did not sleep well at all and we look forward to him feeling better and getting that tooth out of there LOL.  

Since I was not the best photo taker this week I do have some snapshots from my phone of various activities this week.  Here are some to share...

Loving tubby time! 
Sporting Busia's homemade jammies.

Enjoying some pasta!

Resting with Alan :)
I love these boys!

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