Thursday, March 22, 2012

fifty two weeks old = one year old!

Gavin's big day!  
A special chair from Busia and Pop,
decorations from Auntie Elissa,
hat designed by momma mae :)
So this past Tuesday Gavin turned a whole year old!  I am still in awe of this moment and those moments that led to it.  I love that I can go back and watch as he grew throughout this year.  I am on the fence about staying with a weekly blog or moving towards a monthly model.  I will have to think about it :)  As Gavin continues to gain more and more control walking and climbing onto objects he has started to squat and pick objects up to bring with him.  Its so wonderful to watch him grow and explore the world around him.  He especially enjoys climbing on his new chair from Busia and Pop.  He even has perfected the art of lounging! 

This week we celebrated Saint Patrick's Day and Gavin sported his special jammies from his Auntie Rene!  He looked super cute in they and Alan enjoyed them!

He has also discovered some new toys that he enjoys.  One being those foam blocks above from Ruth, Adin and Ty.  He is also enjoying a cardboard roll I had left over from wrapping his birthday gifts.  I think he is ready to battle with someone lol!

Also Busia bought Gavin a little chicken called Henrietta who lays eggs around the house when he pulls her.  He is fascinated by the eggs and where they go in the chicken LOL.  I love to watch his expression when Henrietta lays the eggs and clucks :)

On Sunday we had a big celebration for Gavin's birthday.  A group of close friends and family came by for some yummy chowder and cake.  Gavin was dressed in a special outfit for Auntie Elissa....just a hint of pink!  Here are some photos of the event and a video that just sums up the experience.

Auntie Elissa & Gavin 
The Birthday Boy! 
His balloons from Miss Phoebe!
Gavin & Pop
The Birthday Chair!
Gavin's Smash Cake - created by Busia
Momma Mae helping Gavin blow his candle out.
Busia helping him taste the cake.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Videos to Brighten Your Day!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Singing the Song

Goodbye Cake

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