Sunday, October 30, 2011

thirty two weeks - mouse mayhem

This is Auntie Elissa's birthday table cloth!  Gavin wanted to sit up this week...and is
wearing pink in honor of the birthday girls favorite color :)  Happy Birthday Auntie Elissa!

I cannot believe that my favorite holiday is upon us!  I love it and I am so excited to share it with Gavin.  I remember back to the first piece of clothing I purchased for him last year at this time...a halloween onesie.  I wanted him to come home in it...alas I look at this little black onesie and wonder where the time has gone...too fast too fast!

I must say this is the baby time I love.  Gavin is such a happy baby...and he is always exploring the world around him.  He has become quiet confident in his abilities to sit up and he is beginning to start the crawling process.  I must say Alan has been working with him on this and I finally got to see him push up on all fours :)  YAY!  I have the video to prove it :)

This weekend we attended a baby halloween party with some of the babies and parents from our baby class back in January 2011 :)  It was so great to see so many friends and share some fun times.  We attempted a group photo and lets just say things didn't go as planned lol :) 

This mouse costume my mother made me when I was Gavin's age :)
Attempt at baby photo :)
Gavin the mouse was not happy!
He looks like he is going to eat someone in this photo !
On Sunday we had a surprise party for Auntie Elissa :)  It was so great to see some old friends and enjoy the day together.  Gavin of course was the hit of the party and the soon to be Patrick or Joshua inside Auntie Elissa's well as another unknown friend in Miss Phoebe's :)

Baby bellies :)  Auntie Elissa and Phoebe 
Sporting a Busia hat :)

It was a busy weekend full of new friends and fun times :)  Of course in the honor of my favorite holiday I couldn't help but create a halloween version of Gavin to share with all....VAMPIRE of course :) You can make your very own on it out :) 

And in closing I want to put a special photo of Gavin and Alan to share with Gavin's grandfather who is visiting us from far away in Kentucky!  Hello Grandpa!!!  Gavin hopes to meet you some day :)  
Best dad in the world!

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