Tuesday, October 11, 2011

twenty nine weeks - picking time

Another Busia creation...in my favorite color of course LOL!
Though the weather is still acting like it is summer we know that winter is coming.  We have already started bundling Gavin in hats and warm blankets.  Let's hope it isn't a REALLY cold winter!  This week Gavin continues to move around the living room with ease.  He has been enjoying some independent time while playing with his toys and activity centers.  Teething has been running amuck this week with everything entering his mouth.  He is really liking those mesh bags with ice cubes and frozen fruit.  Another cool thing is that he loves to sit up in the tubbie...soon enough he will be all the time!

This week seemed really long for some reason...maybe the big weekend.  Tuesday Kelly and Zoe came over to play with Gavin.  They are too cute together.  Here is a photo I received via phone while I was at my meeting at work!

On Thursday Busia watched Gavin during the day and Ridge came over for a mini sleepover at night.  Some ladies also came over to play with the babies.  We had so much fun watching them play together.  It is so amazing to me that they are both already over six months old.  I love to reflect on pictures when they were little together.  Here are some of then and now :)



This weekend was amazing!  Truly the weather was perfect for doing about most anything, especially with it being a long weekend.  Sunday Alan and I went for a long 20+ mile bike ride while Gavin played with Busia and Pop.  Busia bought Gavin a walker which I can tell he is going to love as the weeks pass.  He has also moved on to three meals a day and Busia bought him some fancy bowls and spoons.  

On Monday we went on an adventure with Auntie Elissa, Uncle Tim, and baby boy to be apple picking.  This was Gavin and Alan's first time.  I must say the trees were super picked over being a long weekend.  It was a blast taking photos and spending such a beautiful day outside.  We look forward to next years venture with both boys!

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