Wednesday, October 19, 2011

thirty weeks - tooth fairy here we come

Our new big bed comforter! YAY!
Gavin will be seven months in just a few days.  I look at him and can hardly remember when he was just a little one.  Now he can sit up most of the time with no support, he is attempting to crawl, we have lowered his crib to the lowest setting, he is eating solids, and he has two....yes TWO teeth.  Sighs!

Lucky for Alan and I Gavin is back to his typical sleep routine waking once in the night.  With his cold a week back and two teeth popping through it was a rough couple weeks.  On Tuesday Zoe and Kelly came over to play with Gavin.  Here is a cute shot of them eating cute they are!
On Thursday I was surprised, after a night of unrest, to find a little tooth poking out on the bottom left side of Gavin's mouth.  After talking to Busia I found out that I also got my first tooth around 6 1/2 months.  

On Saturday Busia and Pop watched Gavin while Alan I went for a bike ride and out for lunch for some yummy oysters.  Busia is working really hard to get Gavin to use a sippy cup and she also introduced some mesh bags to him with cookies in them!  
Here is Zazu and Gavin in his new walker at Busia and Pop's house!
Saturday night was also a rough sleep night for Gavin.  What a surprise it was to find another tooth on the right bottom when he awoke on Sunday!  Yay for Gavin! Now if only mother nature will hold off for a while so we can all get some sleep lol :)

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