Tuesday, December 27, 2011

forty weeks - bah humbug's debut

our tree skirt from christmas...
gavin has been out longer then he was in :)

This was a really hard week for us on the home front. Gavin spent most of the time sick with a double ear infection.  He was on multiple antibiotics and pretty miserable all week.  We were in and out of the doctors office all week and Alan and I had to take some time off of work to be with him.  We were up most nights rocking and soothing him.  It was hard on both of us.  Lucky for us he seemed to perk up on Christmas Eve.  His fever dropped and hasn't returned which is the best gift of all!  

That morning we started the day off with some yummy french toast Alan made and we took a ride out to the mall to get Gavin's photo with Santa Claus.  I was so excited to do this, assuming next year he may not be up to the journey ;), but with him being sick I was unsure if we would make it.  It was so worth it just look at this photo...

That afternoon Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim came over to spend some time with us to celebrate the holiday.  They also bought Gavin some super special presents...including his first pair of Christmas jammies.  We have decided that her little man and ours will exchange pj's every year the night before Christmas and that they will wear them to bed that night.  I loved Gavin's first pair for our beginning to this tradition.  They also bought him a super cool Melissa and Doug shape sorter and chomp & clack walker!!!  YAY!

That evening Busia and Pop came over for some Christmas Eve fun.  We had a yummy dinner and made some fancy decorations for the tree.  We had so much fun I didn't even get and photos...so sad.  But here is a photo of Gavin with our Christmas tree which Alan named "bah humbug"....lol

Christmas day Alan, Gavin and I enjoyed some family time together sharing presents.  Of course Gavin was more interested in the wrapping paper and the boxes but he did really enjoy the activity table passed down from Ruth, Adin and Ty :)  TY! 

His Papa and Mammy sent him some super special gifts all the way from Louisville, KY.  This is a shout out for all those Yankees fans out there :)  Love it!!!  What fantastic gifts.  He even got his own baseball and glove.  Thank you! ;)

That afternoon we went to Busia and Pop's for a wonderful Christmas dinner and some gift opening.  Gavin got his first Radio Flyer and some awesome bath toys.  Busia also made him his first pair of pajama bottoms.  I will have to take a photo soon to share.  During dinner Gavin serenaded us with his talented piano playing.  

In closing I want to mention that Gavin has begun to cruise around the furniture in the house.  It is so exciting to watch him learn and explore as he gains more and more control of his body.  His two new favorite toys in the house are the printer and a clasp on an old trunk.  Who needs baby toys!  He is often found playing with both of them and appears more entertained then with his toys lol.

Also I know I have been promising a video of him standing up.  It is a bit late in the game but here is one for fun with a little play action with his wooden beads :)  

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