Tuesday, December 6, 2011

thirty seven weeks - a scrambled swimming seven days

Our kitchen floor...we moved Gavin into a bigger onesie this week!

Gavin continues to amaze us as he grows faster and faster.  Now efficient at crawling he is beginning to pull himself up to his knees and attempting to figure out how to stand.  It's so cool to watch him troubleshoot and problem solve how to move his body to get his feet planted on the floor.  He is often found practicing in his crib.  This week he has also begun sleeping through the night randomly.  Not quiet consistent but more frequent.  The house is still filled with high squeeks.

What a great smile to wake to!
The bumpers come in handy!
On Wednesday Busia and I took Gavin for his first swim class.  He absolutely loved the water.  I was the photographer and Busia braved the water.  The class ran about 30 minutes and at the end Gavin even got submersed.  We look forward to class again next week!

That evening we went to visit Meghan and Clara for a playdate.  They haven't seen eachother in quiet sometime.  It was so much fun to watch them play together.  Gavin even brought Clara a birthday gift since she is turning one year old in a week!  I think he enjoyed it more then her...lol.

On Friday Gavin and I went for a walk around to check out some of the Christmas lights!  I look forward to us getting a tree soon and for Gavin to meet "Santa".  I hope we can go take photos soon at the mall...unless I can dress Alan as Santa :)

Clara also came over to visit us at our place during the evening.  It was nice to spend some more time with her.  She enjoyed pushing Gavin around in his walker...they are so cute together!

On Sunday Gavin got to Skype with his Papa in Kentucky.  It was fun to see Gavin crawl to the screen. Maybe one day they will meet in real life!  In the evening Busia and Pop watched Gavin while Alan and I went to the movies together.  We then ate dinner with the family.  Gavin got to try some of Busia's homemade stew.  Yummy!  This week he also enjoyed eating scrambled eggs and pancakes :)  

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