Tuesday, December 13, 2011

thirty eight weeks - parties and presents

busia and her blankets :)
Gavin has perfected the art of pulling himself up.  It all happened so fast...on Tuesday he just did it while Alan was watching him and hasn't stopped.  Anything and everything he can get his hands one becomes a pulling device.  A few bumps and bruises have occurred this week...of course I am a nervous nelly and Alan is the calm one lol.  

One of his new favorite toys this week is a little music walker that Ruthie, Adin and Ty passed down to us.  He loves it and has started to walk with it with support.  I just keep thinking please don't walk not yet! 

This week Gavin also spent sometime with Zoe and Kelly at their house.  He loves their tree!  The lights are just amazing to him.  This week we started putting ours up too.  I can often find him gazing at it.  He must like the bright lights.  Alan says he also enjoys turning the television off lol.  He hits the buttons that are lit up.  snickers!

On Saturday Gavin had a busy day swimming with Busia in the morning.  He got dunked a few more times this week and took it like a trooper.  He is working on blowing bubbles and kicking.  This week they even floated on water noodles.  

 That evening we headed out to the parade in the evening with Jessie and Ridge.  Afterwards they came up for some play time.  It was so nice to see the boys crawl together.  They are growing way too fast!

children always enjoy the simplest toys :) 
On Saturday Gavin also got his Elfster gifts from a friend far away.  It was so fun to watch him open them as he is loving paper....especially eating it.  This swap was with a group of women who have talked since we were first pregnant.  What fun!

On Sunday we had a holiday party with some friends from our birthing class.  It was great to reconnect and let the boys play...yes we all had boys.  I unfortunately did not talk photos...bad mommy but managed to get one from someone.  We even had a gift exchange and Gavin got a fun car and duckie...thank you Will for the great toys!
Upon leaving the party Gavin was so wiped he fell fast asleep while driving out of the driveway...lol and boy did he ever... :)

...photo of tree to come...

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