Wednesday, December 21, 2011

thirty nine weeks - welcome little beaver

One of Gavin's play blankets
On Monday morning I awoke to the loud sound of things crashing in Gavin's bedroom.  Upon entering I found everything from the top of his bookshelf on the floor and a pair of new socks in his crib which he was gnawing on.  The cardboard-like paper on the socks was mostly chewed.  Upon further examination I found most of it stuck to the roof of Gavin's mouth.  Additionally, the rails on the crib look like a beaver lives in it :) Consequently we decided to move things far away from his reach....he is a sneaky little one lol, and buy a crib protector for Gavin the beaver.  That afternoon Phoebe watched gavin while I went to a doctors appointment.  She took this great photo of him in the stroller.

On Tuesday Gavin cut his first top tooth on the left side.  I brought him to the doctors office to check his ears do to excessive pulling and crankiness, however we instead found a tooth emerging.  YAY!  I will have to take a photo if he will let me ;)  Wednesday Ridge and Trevor came over for a playdate.  It was great to see the boys play together.  It has been too long.  On Thursday Ridge also spent the evening with us.  I cannot believe how much they have grown.
Gavin and Trevor exploring
Ridge and Gavin 
What cuties!

On Friday we went to Auntie Elissa's and Uncle Tim's for a visit.  Gavin ate dinner while he was there and tested out their travel seat for their little one who we will refer to as Patrick.  It was silly to see him eat in it.  We determined he looked like a cross between a parachuter and Mario from Super Mario Bros. 

Over the weekend Gavin ended up at the doctors with an ear infection.  Poor little man is still fighting it off...hope he gets better soon!  Also here are some photos from his haircut a while back from my sister.  I adore the sink photos :)

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