Wednesday, February 8, 2012

forty six weeks - guess how much i love you

a busia blankie...this is the one gavin sleeps with at night :)
Gavin is loving the fact that he can stand unassisted and manipulate objects with two hands while doing so.  He is enjoying playing with cabinets in the kitchen and the bathrooms.  You can often find him giggling at himself while opening and closing them.  The simple things LOL.  Alan and I both think we are a month away from him walking, most likely before his first birthday.  He is also experimenting with crawling on top of objects such as totes, laundry baskets, and other random toys around the house.  Bathtime has become such a challenge with him...I look forward to a future with a big boy tub.   That is on my wish list lol!

His favorite toys this week appears to be his Eebee doll his Busia bought him before he was born.  He is enjoying chewing on her hair...I think its hair lol.  You decide for yourself :)

Other favorite toys include his twilight turtle, plastic lettuce containers and toilet paper of course. 

On Monday Gavin and I ventured out to take a walk with Phoebe and Addie.  It was a nice day out and we really enjoyed spending time together, though Gavin was quiet tired when we tired in fact that we found him like this...

I guess the story was a real snooze lol.  Also this week we visited Auntie Elissa and Patrick.  Though we tried to acclimate Gavin to the idea of his new baby "brother" it didn't seem like he was that interested.  Uncle Tim brought out a fun new toy that was much more entertaining.   I still have not managed to get a photo of the boys together, but Gavin did try out Patricks big boy chair which he enjoyed!

This week we also received out personalized board book that I created through Pint Sized Productions.  Gavin so enjoys books with real photos of babies in them so I though it would be awesome to have a book all about him with photos of friends and family.  He loves it!  Smiles :)

In spirit of football season, we spent Sunday afternoon eating lunch with Busia and Pop.  Gavin sported his Giants bib, because Pop is a Giants fan and his birthday is Monday!  Also Gavin is learning some official signals for touchdown.  Maybe I can figure out how to download and crop the video ;0

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