Wednesday, February 29, 2012

forty nine weeks - happy trails to us

Beach towel provided by Busia!
This week Gavin and I brought Alan to the big bird to visit his family while we headed on a read trip together.   Gavin has been really interested in balls and blocks this week, as well as pulling things out of cabinets.  He is so curious!  I love to watch him explore things around new places.  

On Wednesday we headed to New York and visited with Meghan and Clara on the way.  It was fun to watch the two tumble and play together.  We ate a yummy breakfast full of Gavin's favorites (eggs, toast, and fruit).  Gavin enjoyed playing with Clara's instruments and he got to observe his first squirrel.  

That evening we stopped by to see my sister at her work and ate lunch.  Later that evening after we settled in at my Grandma's we headed to dinner at Auntie Rene's where she gave Gavin a big boy haircut!  He also played with his cousins and their adorable dogs. 

On Thursday Gavin and I took a long walk at the park and he played on the swings.  He loved to watch the kids running and playing.  He walked around holding my hand but you could tell he wants to run like the big kids!  

That evening we headed over to visit his cousin are her work.  Lucky for Gavin she works at a child care center in a gym and there were no costumers.  Gavin enjoyed playing with all their big kid toys and he especially liked climbing in the long tube.  That night he was exhausted and fell asleep in the car for the night.  

Friday we packed up to head home.  Visited for a bit with his great aunt Midge and cousin Mary in the morning, then headed to see our friends Ruthie, Adin, and Ty!  The boys are getting so big.  I loved to watch them play together.  They also passed down some toys and clothes to us which was fantastic!  Thank You!  This photo of them makes my heart melt!!!
Adin, Ty, and Gavin relaxing on the couch. 
That evening we returned home got a good nights rest and woke up to a new day.  It was so nice to be in our beds...I am sure Gavin would agree.  Gavin ate a scrumptious breakfast full of eggs and we headed to the big bird to pick up Alan.  It was so nice to have him home!!!  We missed him :)

To end this post I have to add a few of my favorites this week...

Took this while I was trying to get his weekly photo and I love his facial expression!
A favorite past time walking the kitchen in his new jammies made by Busia.
And a top ten photo for me...Gavin guarding the milk!

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