Wednesday, February 15, 2012

forty seven weeks - chicks and spoons

the living room chair
Gavin has had a big week!  He took his first steps from me to his dad which was so super exciting...YAY!  Since then we have seen a few here and there.  He stands on his own and can get into a standing position from the floor so he is ready...I imagine before he is one he will be walking.  In addition, he is also beginning to point to objects in recognition of them.  Smiles!  I adore him :)

Also this week Gavin has become even more fascinated with his tubby.  He loves to watch me fill it and has recently found humor in getting into it prior to taking his clothes off.  Oh My!  What will he try next LOL!

This week we got to to have a play date with Ridge which was fun!  Ridge and Gavin have such a good time playing together.  It amazes me that they have known each other all their lives :)

Also on Saturday Busia and Pop spent some time with Gavin while Alan and I went out for lunch.  Gavin also got a new puppet from Busia which he loves....we call it his new chick LOL.

That night we also went out to dinner with Pop and Busia.  Gavin enjoyed looking at the fire while we dined and found the crackers and zucchini to be fantastic.  I think he would have enjoyed taking the spoon home as a souvenir.

On Sunday Alan, Gavin and I headed over to Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim's for lunch.  I finally got a chance to take a photo of the boys together.  Patrick Timothy is getting bigger by the day and is too cute for words.  I look forward to the day when they are big enough to play together... :)

love these boys!

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