Tuesday, February 21, 2012

forty eight weeks - new kicks & licks

sitting on the couch
This week Gavin continues to take risks with walking around the house.  He actually made it across the living room on his own!  It is amazing to watch him learn and grow in confidence and ability.  He has also discovered the draw under the stove lol.  He is enjoying banging around with pots and cookie sheets.  Here is a video I captured of a short stroll this week.  I hope to get some more footage as the week progresses.

This week Gavin got to spend two playdates with Zoe which was super exciting.  They love to play together!  On Tuesday Gavin spent some time at there home and Wednesday Zoe came to our place.  Here are some cute photos of them together.  :)  We even went for a big wagon ride!

This week in honor of Valentine's Day Gavin got all dressed up for the occasion and decided that his new chew toy is the channel changer for the television.  Alan and Gavin also sent me beautiful flowers to work which was a big surprise and super cute of them!

In Lieu of Gavin's new walking adventures, Pop and Busia brought us on an adventure to the mall to buy Gavin his first pair of shoes.  At first he wasn't so sure about them and wanted to scrunch those toes, but he has since become more comfortable.  In celebration we ate some yummy pizza afterwards.  Gavin loves pizza crust!
Busia and Gavin at Stride Rite  

On Saturday Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim came over for dinner and brought Patrick on his first official dinner adventure.  We ate some clam chowder and salad with some scrumptious german chocolate cupcakes for desert.  Auntie Elissa perfected her Moby wrapping skills and Gavin showed off his new walking shoes.  

Sunday Gavin spent some time with Busia and Pop in the morning and we ran some errands in the afternoon.  Gavin is so enjoying sitting in the grocery cart that we no longer will need to bring that stroller.  

That evening we were invited for dinner with Jessie, Derick, and Ridge.  Gavin and Ridge played and tumbled together, and Jessie introduced Gavin to his first ice pop!  Life will never be the same LOL!

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